Halfway there

The first half of the year flew quickly and since I’ve been off the WordPress-radar for months now, how about I start again by sharing what’s keeping me busy this whole time. Here we go.

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The year that was

2016 was probably the most gratifying year I’ve ever experienced due to the main fact that my patience reaped a big reward : finally realizing a childhood dream of coming home to a complete family. It wasn’t an easy journey but as cliché as it may sounds, the long road was worth it. My 2016 was equally spent in half : the first half in the Philippines and the rest in Hamburg. I’m glad I pushed myself in the very beginning to document each moment, random and big, that’s why I was able to come up with this year-end video I’m about to introduce.

My goal was to create something similar to those videos I see online, in the hopes of achieving a kick-ass, share-worthy video. With this goal in mind, I planned to show only the good stuff—travel videos, food, artistic shots, and all those beautiful aesthetics. It was very shallow, also impossible because first, I didn’t even plan on travelling and most importantly : it just wasn’t me. So I just stuck to what I do best : just showing who I really am. Unfiltered, random, happy, natural, lazy, bare.

Taking videos everyday was harder than I expected especially during the busy occasions of my year. It went from one-seconders a day to a few videos a week and then the big moments of the month. The editing was even harder since some of my videos weren’t properly shot and most of them were corrupted. But so as they say, the finished product makes every struggle useless and invisible. I’m glad I pushed myself to take as many videos as I could ’cause now, I have the great opportunity to look back and cherish every single moment as much as I want to. Now, I will always have a proof of those short moments in time that passed me by; even some that I insensitively forgot to cherish. I never knew a simple year-end video would bring a huge impact as I welcome a new year. This is a perfect reminder to appreciate every single thing in the present— the good, the bad, the normal, the nonsense.

To cut the long introduction, here’s my own reflection in video format.


Butch & Miro

My longtime friends, Butch and Miro, got married for the second time last weekend. First one was civil and this one’s a christian ceremony. Butch, whom I fondly call HB, is very dear to me since she was present during my “formative” adult years—if there is such a thing. She and I also got baptized at the same time; she’s one of those people who I can always run to for encouragement and prayer. Basically, she’s my HB 4ever and my sister in Christ.

You can imagine how emotional I was that day and I couldn’t hold back my tears when I saw her walking down the aisle. I was extremely happy for her. All the memories of  praying for that exact moment came flashing through my mind. God is faithful, without a doubt. What He promised would come to fruition.


Prior to this moment, I grabbed the opportunity and took a photo with the groom!


Just to give you a short background, HB and Miro have been together for 5 years and most of those were spent long-distance. Their relationship is a proof that long-distance relationship might be hard but it works… if you work hard on it.


Intermission : cute baby alert

The very adorable, Libby
I forgot to crop this one out. Look at Libby!!

Here are the photos from the reception aka gutom-na-yung-mga-tao.

But first…
It’s also cool that my best friend’s boyfriend is a friend of the groom. I get to spend the weekend with her even though I was third-wheeling most of the time. 

The wedding was also a reunion of some sorts. I got to hang out with my old officemates! They are the best. I think I’ll never find anyone like them in other companies. All of us left our previous company, fyi.

1/3 of the whole Solar family

It was an awesome wedding, all in all. The main reason why this wedding is perfect is because God made it happen. This is God’s gift.

Now look at this cute baby once more.



The Sunday Currently 4

Photo taken at my running route in Hamburg


The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall. I had this book lying around for a year! I hope I’d be able to finish it this week.

Eric Sanderson wakes up in a place he doesn’t recognise, unable to remember who he is. All he has left are journal entries recalling Clio, a perfect love now gone.


The Sunday Currently 4


to Adele’s 25 and Coldplay’s Everglow. The songs I’ve been listening to put me in a somber mood. I can’t help it.



about the almost-Coldplay concert. Coldplay (aka best band on Earth & the band I’m obsessed with) will be performing in Hamburg on July 1, which is a great opportunity for me. Four days ago, the tickets went on a pre-sale. I asked my Kuya to buy the tickets; however we have to wait two more days for the public sale since we can’t purchase online (not a credit card user). Kuya went to the ticket office early Friday morning, only to find out that the venue is sold-out! 😦 Let me reiterate : TWO DAYS OF PRE-SALE AND THE CONCERT IS SOLD OUT. WHAT. 



for forgiveness for my recent actions and for Godly discipline.


that the German Embassy will reply to my/our e-mails and a second chance at the Coldplay concert in Hamburg. Coldplay already added concert dates in selected cities and here’s hoping that they will add one more at Hamburg.



my usual pantulog. ZzZzZ


the spontaneous Friday night with my friends. I rarely travel to Manila since I cannot handle the traffic situation in the city. I only travel if there are special dinners, celebrations, or if I am in the mood. Last Friday night was one of those rare occasions that I was in the mood to go out and it was worth it.


This photo was taken using the front camera of an iPhone 6+ (not my phone btw, my bestfriend’s). I am amazed by the camera’s upgrade but the phone is too big (also expensive) for me.


to get back to my morning routine—exercise, longer quiet time with God, writing in my daily journal. 


the physical presence of my parents.


out-of-touch and generally confused.

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