The Sunday Currently : Stuffed

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Luigi’s Italian Restaurant at Landungsbrucke

Time does fly; the -BER months have arrived. I’m pretty sure I’ll be hearing Christmas songs this early (Jose Mari Chan, to be exact) if only I’m in the PH. We, Filipinos, have been accustomed to this early Christmas habit. I opened this discussion up to my Mom and learned that the festivities here begin on the 1st of December (the first Advent); starting before that will be too ridiculous. So, I guess it’s time to make new traditions and welcome them with enthusiasm.

Here are the other things I’m currently up to.


I just finished the book “The 100-year old man who flew out of the window and disappeared” and I never read a novel as funny as this one. I’ll be watching the movie adaptation in a bit.


The ticking of the keyboard while I’m typing this.


Jadine’s Till I Met You. ❤ I hope I could start Narcos 2 and finally finish Mr. Robot 2. Somehow I’ve got less time for series—which is better for my social relationship!


For more quiet time and a home church.


for a good week and as always, provision.


more sun for my running. Good weather, please!!

Looking forward to

my Mom’s birthday this week. We are planning a big surprise! I hope I can write it afterwards.


bloated from all the eating I’ve done for the past two days.

What have you been up to these days? Any early Christmas traditions you want to share?


The Sunday Currently: Contentment



Today’s supposedly a lazy Sunday but  I’m figuring some productive things to do today rather than lie all day in bed. My mother told me to just relax but I’m itching to do otherwise. I am quite surprised myself how active I am since I got here. Now here’s what I’ve been up to lately.


NOTHING! Do my German reference books count?


The Coffeehouse Playlist on Spotify. Lost Boy by Ruth B is currently playing.


This. My last entry was three months ago!


GMA’s Encantadia! I ironically watch more Filipino program now that I’m living abroad. I seldom watch teleseryes (except OTWOL) back in the PH and more US Series. Now, I’ve got no time to watch my US series 😦 I’m so late on Stranger Things and Mr. Robot Season 2!!!! I hope I’d find the time to catch up on those soon before The Walking Dead comes back this September!!


For our everyday guidance especially that Europe (and the word in general) has gone nuts lately.


for our daily provision—never in lack, always enough.


more time to catch up on my series.

Looking forward to

a family vacation. I just hope that my parents get to relax from work. Hopefully, it’ll happen soon.


very, very contented.

I hope you’re all having a great Sunday! Cheers wherever you are ❤

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For my Father

I have a great and loving relationship with my Papa. It wasn’t always that way but time & distance helped a lot. I’ve always wondered how it is to grow up with a father; I only get to experience it when I travel to Germany for vacation. As you can assume, I was deprived of the physical love but I took it as wonderful lesson that love goes beyond the physical.

Many people say I look like my Pa. What do you think?

My father affirms me of his love every single day in many different ways. He knows me even if he never gets to see me everyday. He listens to me. I can enumerate  more reasons why I’m glad to have someone like him but I think the best one is this : my Papa has God and he looks to Him for everything. My Papa is flawed just as I am, just as we all are, and he acknowledges that he needs God every day. My father reminds me of God’s goodness in my life especially when things get tough. It is so natural for me to love, obey, and honor my Papa because I see God in Him. My Lord used my Papa as a vessel of His love for me and for that I am grateful.

I told you at the beginning of this post that our relationship wasn’t always this way but his love now covered what was in the past, like it never happened in the first place. The same way Jesus died on the cross for me so I can live in righteousness. His love for me covered my multitude of sins and now everything’s new.

Today, I am showing my appreciation for my Papa through this post but more than anything, I am honoring my Heavenly Father for making sure that I have a loving earthly father. I honor God for being a great model for my Papa. Both of my father’s love go beyond what me eyes can see and what I can touch. I’m one lucky daughter. I give all the glory and praise to my Heavenly Father.

Happy Father’s Day, Pa ❤

My special number

When I was 22 years old, I told myself “I’m going to be at my peak once I reach 27”. It became my motivation to reach my best; I wanted to be physically beautiful and successful at the same time. It was coming out of a broken heart and jealousy. 3 years after, I met Jesus Christ. Having found my identity in Him, the idea of being my best self at 27 became an afterthought and sometimes a running joke between me and my friends. I still wanted to be at my best but this time, it was coming out of a healed heart and basically, I just wanted to take better care of myself. I looked forward to the day I’m going to reach 27 just to see if I’ll turn into the woman I was imagining to be.

Now, here I am.


Am I at my best? NO. 

Am I successful? Not yet. 

Am I physically fit? I’m trying. 

Is this where I am supposed to be? Definitely.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21

For years I held onto the idea of my ideal self but I know what truly matters now : being God’s best for His glory. I thank God for the pruning, for all the seasons of waiting, disappointments, the mountains, uprooting, convictions, and blessings. I’d like to believe that this is the peak that God wants for me. Having Him in my life is the best gift my 22-year old self can give my present self. I am excited to see what God has prepared for me in the years to come!

To end this, here’s a video of my friends surprising me.

Happy 27, self ❤

The Sunday Currently : Apathetic


It’s been awhile since the last TSC entry! Just to change things a bit,  I thought that maybe I’d also include a word that best describes my feeling for the week.This week’s magic word is.. as you can see.. apathetic.  The reason is self-evident; no need to expound ’cause I wouldn’t stay true to my apathy.


The book of Psalms.


Beyonce’s Lemonade. I’ve been listening to Bey’s album for weeks now.


This and my schedule for the coming week. I need to seriously get things organized and do more important things other than browsing the internet.


Game of Thrones! Yaaaaas


For clarity, wisdom, and the finality of my visa.


to write my visa journey.


my good habits back.

Looking forward to

my 27th birthday.


out of touch.

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Faith to live by

Faith to Live By

This book was given to me as  a Christmas present last 2015. I actually read it when I was in Hamburg last year and re-read it when I was in queue for my passport renewal last week. This is one of those books that you have read over and over again; gaining new perspective in the process.

The impact is strong this time, probably because I am in the season where I really have to exercise my faith and work hard in doing it. This book contains insights on what faith is, why we need it, how it grows, and putting our faith into action. What’s also great about this book is  that it won’t drown you with scholarly information but it lives up to its line, “A practical guide to the life of faith”.

This book is also  a gentle reminder of the true purpose of having faith. It is not for my own encouragement or a fuel to sustain my journey but for the purpose of pleasing God and giving Him honor.

 And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

Hebrews 6:11 NIV

When we love someone, we do our best to show how much we love them too. We serve and please them the best way we know how.In the same way, our faith is a manifestation of our love for God. It is not about me and my own personal desires but it is all about loving Him who loved us when we were unlovable. Faith is indeed a gift we don’t deserve and unlike any gift, we should nurture it because it is given by God.

I have to stop sharing now because I might be taking too much from the book, haha. I hope you’d get the chance to read this book and maybe we can share insights too once you’ve finished it.

PS: If you are in the season of waiting like me, I also recommend this video before or after reading this book

Butch & Miro

My longtime friends, Butch and Miro, got married for the second time last weekend. First one was civil and this one’s a christian ceremony. Butch, whom I fondly call HB, is very dear to me since she was present during my “formative” adult years—if there is such a thing. She and I also got baptized at the same time; she’s one of those people who I can always run to for encouragement and prayer. Basically, she’s my HB 4ever and my sister in Christ.

You can imagine how emotional I was that day and I couldn’t hold back my tears when I saw her walking down the aisle. I was extremely happy for her. All the memories of  praying for that exact moment came flashing through my mind. God is faithful, without a doubt. What He promised would come to fruition.


Prior to this moment, I grabbed the opportunity and took a photo with the groom!


Just to give you a short background, HB and Miro have been together for 5 years and most of those were spent long-distance. Their relationship is a proof that long-distance relationship might be hard but it works… if you work hard on it.


Intermission : cute baby alert

The very adorable, Libby
I forgot to crop this one out. Look at Libby!!

Here are the photos from the reception aka gutom-na-yung-mga-tao.

But first…
It’s also cool that my best friend’s boyfriend is a friend of the groom. I get to spend the weekend with her even though I was third-wheeling most of the time. 

The wedding was also a reunion of some sorts. I got to hang out with my old officemates! They are the best. I think I’ll never find anyone like them in other companies. All of us left our previous company, fyi.

1/3 of the whole Solar family

It was an awesome wedding, all in all. The main reason why this wedding is perfect is because God made it happen. This is God’s gift.

Now look at this cute baby once more.



What now?

I am a big series buff and I take my series seriously. So when most of my series ended one by one, I’m left with the question: What now?

I usually move quickly to a new series after one ends but this time, I’ve got (almost) no shows left to move on to. Again the question, “What now ver. 2?” 

Disclaimer : I’m spewing spoilers here so if you haven’t watched any of the finales, better stop.


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Mr. West

My best friend and I have been following Kanye West since the beginning of our friendship; our peak was back in senior and the years after. Admittedly, I lost interest when Kanye started dabbling into Hollywood aka the Kardashians. Still, I followed his music up until Watch the Throne. I was never into his Yeezus album because of obvious reasons; although Black Skinhead is very catchy.

A few months ago, we heard that Kanye is coming to Manila for a music festival. We were apprehensive  because number 1, we didn’t trust the producer (they have a history) and number 2 (which is crucial), Kanye is unpredictable— just look at his tweets. However, advertisements kept creeping in and our curiosity sparked big time. We stalked Kanye’s whereabouts including Kim’s for two weeks up until yesterday. We didn’t buy tickets in advance because like what I’ve said, we didn’t think he was coming. The deciding factor came when we saw a photo of Kanye’s arrival in Manila.

Gulat pa si Pare

That’s when we knew : we had to go.

 I finished my work  yesterday at 6 pm, hurried to Manila, and waited for my friends at the event. We went inside the venue just in time for Wiz Khalifa; he was chill as chill can be.  *wink wink


I wouldn’t say much but this : Wiz Khalifa has a solid fan base in the Philippines. I heard lots of people rapping with him; me excluded since I only know four of his songs. Nonetheless, he was very entertaining. I wouldn’t be surprised if his fan base grows after this concert.

Now here comes Mr. West. He was actually late for his supposed 1130 performance but ye know, “You should be honored by my lateness”.


The lights went on and I was shouting my lungs out! I was dancing all over my cramped space, looking at my bestfriend’s face and just telling each other how we can’t believe we are seeing Kanye live. I guess what makes it special is the fact that I get to share this with my best friend.

Would you look at those happy, sweaty faces?!

Earlier I mentioned that I’ve kinda lost interest on Kanye because of his recent actions but seeing him perform live made me appreciate his artistry and gained back my admiration for the man. Kanye West is really something, let me tell you. He performed and killed it. I’m just in awe of how good Kanye is as an artist; I hope he’d put this into good use.

One more thing, he sang most of his classics—it was amazing. Just to give you an idea, here is his setlist :

Runaway is my favorite.

Here’s a clip of Kanye being Kanye.

Side story : while I was recording this video, the girl standing in front of me accidentally threw my phone when she hit my hand out of excitement. Here’s a proof:

It was a good night. Until now, I can’t believe I watched Kanye live. I didn’t take many photos but plenty of videos. I’m planning to edit them once Adobe starts functioning properly on my laptop. However, if you’re interested in watching some snippets, I’ve got a couple on my snapchat. Better watch those before it expire!

Kanye, you were great and are a great artist. Just take it easy on Twitter, ok? Haha.

My bestfriend and I.