In comparison to my previous active weeks, these past 7 days have been on the slow spectrum… but only when it comes to my running routine. This running break  allowed me to focus on other important things : reviewing my growing German vocabulary, listening to German radio, and updating my Music library. Besides these, here’s a glimpse of how the last week of January and the first week of February looked like.

Best Day

Friday.  My classmate, Janeen, had her farewell party which ended until midnight. It was… amazing. For a minute I felt like I was back in the company of my friends in the Philippines. Although we are still learning our way with German, our language deficiency never became a barrier to have deep conversations about our cultural differences, our present life in Germany, and our unclear but optimistic future.

Best Activity

Sleeping. I took several naps over the weekend and for the first time in a long time, I woke up late than normal. I kinda missed taking naps.

Artist of the Week

John Mayer. I saw on the news that he’s having a World Tour starting in the US, which triggered me to listen to his songs. His first album, in my opinion, is still his best. His new single, Love on the Weekend, is on the other hand,  definitely catchy.

Series of the Week

Westworld. I’m late to the party but still I came! Such a shame that we have to wait until 2018 before the new season… There’s always waiting when it comes to these good series.

German Word of the Week

Erklärungsnot : the difficulty in explaining something. Erklärung means explanation and Not means emergency. Put them together and you got “Explanation Emergency”. This is the beauty of the German language; they have their own vocabulary which has no distinct and equivalent English translation.

German Phrase of the Week

“Du hast nicht alle Tassen im Schrank ” (You don’t have any cups in the cupboard) Weird translation but it basically means, you’ve got a loose screw.

Realization of the Week




My social life was front and center this week. I’m slowly gaining back my social skills that took a break last year. It’s probably my subsconscious telling me that I’ve finally adjusted to where I am right now. Besides enjoying the company of the people around me, here’s how my week went.

The best

15,40 km with a 6:37 running pace. Every week is a surprise! I’m getting the proper mileage and my next step is to work on my running pace. Hopefully the weather cooperates ’cause I think I can do better when it’s warmer.

The worst

Sprains and knee pains. I said this last week and I’m saying it again : I got to get a proper gear. Tomorrow I’m going to a running specialist to check my form and the appropriate running shoes.

The best help

Running videos on Youtube. I’ve been running on my own accord and since my runs are becoming longer, being more aware of the overall principle is a must. I learned that I should be running atleast 25-30 miles (around 40 kms) per week and inject two days of strength training—-which I’m not very successful at. I also got to pinpoint the reason why my knees/legs hurt all the time especially after a long run and I only got myself to blame. Next step is to deliberately work on these extra but necessary workouts. Time, however, is going to be a problem.

The weirdest

My increase in appetite. Everyday has been a cheat day. I can use the carbo-loading excuse but who am I kidding?

The most interesting

Movie night courtesy of my language course. My language school holds a monthly movie event and last Wednesday, we watched a film based on a German fairytale, Das Kalte Herz. Before going to the theater, we had dinner together with our teacher. It was indeed a good way to relax after a torturing yourself with German grammar and vocabulary, plus the fact that I can have a school-free conversation with my cool teacher. The movie, on the other hand, was better than what we watched the last time. It was easier to understand too, or it could mean that my comprehension skills are getting better (I want to assume it’s the second reason, hopefully). That was a fun night, overall. I’m glad I came to join and did not listen to my tired body telling me to go home after class.

The most rewarding

My visit to the foreigner’s office. Last thursday, I went to the Auslanderbehorde to ask for questions regarding school and travelling. The last time I went there was 3-4 months ago and I remembered feeling  very anxious because back then, my German was very limited. I had to prepare sentences in advance and waited a minute before responding to the questions. Fast forward to Thursday, I went there and left as normal as possible. I was already sitting comfortable on the train when I thought to myself, “Wow. That was a breeze. I talked in German naturally.”  Looks like all the brain exercises are worth it. I’m in no way a good speaker but I’ll get there. Baby steps!

Playlist of the Week

This is Phoenix! I am a creature of habit and it shows to the artists I’m listening. I really should explore other bands and songs but it’s in my being to stick to what I’ve gotten used to. Thus, Phoenix.

Series of the Week

A series of unfortunate events. I’ve only started yesterday (Saturday) and I plan to finish it this week. I already counted three Meta references in three episodes. I hope it stops ’cause Meta only works once. I also could not get the image of Barney Stinson out of my head ’cause duh obviously.. Other than the fact that Robin (Colbie Smulders) is in it too. It’s entertaining, nonetheless. I heard they were picked up for another season!

Top app of the week

Facebook Messenger : Video Conference. I spent half of my Saturday talking to my friends and family back home using the Messenger’s new feature. Technology is amazing. I also told my friend, “This is why some long distance relationships work. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on things” I miss them everyday, no question, but I’m glad we have these digital ways.

Person of the Week

My Kuya’s new girlfriend. Kuya brought her today to meet my parents but only for a short while since she’s just here for a quick stopover before flying back to Norwary. I’m putting her in the spot because it’s interesting to meet a new person in my Kuya’s life. I don’t know if she’s going to stay longer. Guess we have to find out.

Best day of the Week

Friday. A lot happened this day and I’ll try to be as concise as possible.

First, my classmate from Pakistan showed a presentation about where he came from and it was an eye-opening experience. His village, Shimshal, gave me a different perspective from what I only know of Pakistan. I cannot exactly put into words how I felt after he finished his presentation but this : I’m grateful to be in a place where I get to learn different cultures first-hand and just right at the comforts of my seat. It’s like travelling free.

Next, my classmate from Chile had a going-away party but started late in the evening. I went with another classmate to have dinner before going together to the party. He cooked, I brought wine, and three hours later,we were lazy to go. After talking ourselves out, we got up, left, witnessed a brewing fight on the train, and took the wrong train. That’s why in the end, we became a shame to the German community and arrived at the party one hour late.


Still we were there and it was really a pleasant night. I felt like myself again…when it comes to hanging out with friends and just having a good, undrunk time.  I’m enjoying my classes more because we’re becoming friendlier with one another. Looks like we’ve adjusted as a group as well!

There were, however, annoying things that happened this week but the good outweighs the bad. See you next Sunday!


If my life is a TV series, I would compare this second week of the year to an episode after a premiere or even following a full-packed episode. A filler episode, to put it simply. Not too interesting but not bland, maybe even relevant to the plot yet we have to wait. So even though this week was just a-okay, I still am listing down the highs and/or lows that occured.

Longest Distance

13.74 km in 1:30:04. I’m impressed with my performance despite the heavy rain and strong winds. I would’ve wanted to go on but I had a hard time breathing towards the end. The reason could probably the weather or dehydration. I must really bring the proper gear soon. I just have to find the perfect Fanny pack.

Movie of the Week

La la Land. I felt hollow and satisfied both at the same time. I also noticed that I’m very inclined to liking movies who would just torture you in the end. Call me a masochist, sure,  but only with my movie preferences.

Also, who would’ve guessedthat Ryan Gosling could sing, dance, and play the piano?!?

German Sentence of the Week

Das gehört zum guten Ton. Most applicable when I want to be more than courteous.

German Word of the Week

ausflippen (v.) to go nuts; to flip out. I should’ve known this sooner and the translation is very obvious.

The busiest

My Saturday. Errands plus working until the wee hours of the morning. PS: I’m writing this entry while I’m at my babysitting job.

Most Disappointing

The inconsistency. I always go by the mantra, “Consistency over Intensity”. I’d rather have and be a person who’s always consistent rather than choosing to be high on emotions in one go.

Food of the Week

Pabellon Criollo.

Reis, Rindfleisch (sorry I forgot the English term), Fried Bananas and Black Beans.

I got invited by my two Latino friends to a Spanish Restaurant last Thursday. Two minutes after sitting down in the resto, I felt like I was transported to Narcos. Everyone was speaking in Spanish! When the waiter approached our table, I had to pretend for two minutes that I understood their conversation; just for the heck of it. Besides, all I need were Si, Por Favor, and Gracias. I would’ve wanted to say Plato o Plomo/ Si Patron / Hijo de P*ta but that will be obviously inappropriate.

Food was great although it was too big for me. It was also a win-win situation for me because….

Most fulfilling

…. I get to check one item off my 2017 to-do list! I promised myself to eat 10 different delicacies from 10 different countries (excluding Asian because duh). So first check, a Venezuelan dish. 9 to go.

The worst

The big pimple that appeared on my right cheek. I exactly know the reason why so I only have myself to blame. Someone please remind me to stop eating chips for dinner/dessert and to stop overthinking at night.

The best

My two friends back home. This distance is bringing a different perspective between me and my friends. I was sure before that I’ll be keeping them in my life till the end but now just further affirms it.

Sunday’s best


I’m in the mood to make everything new so now, I’m starting a different weekly format featuring the superlatives of my week. Let’s see how well I’m going to fare in this category.

Most interesting

Meeting a stranger and having a great time.

Most shocking

A death of a lead character in Sherlock Season 4. I can see a trend happening and they’re all taking master tips from GRR Martin.

The cutest

My two classmates. I’m playing Matchmaker between the two and hopefully next week will bring results.

Best German word

Der Regisseur. I like how it rolls off my tongue

Best German sentence

Das ist Schnee von gestern. A friend translated it for me and it meant, all water under the bridge. It’s peculiar how it was translated but it’s German, what’s more to expect.

The craziest

The weather this weekend in Hamburg. It was hard to walk and I’m glad I stayed at home.

Most played song

Alanis Morisette’s Ironic. I must have played it for more

The longest

13, 12 km running distance. I’m finally getting my running endurance back and exceeded my personal expectations. However, I think I should be getting a new and proper running shoes (the whole getup) because otherwise, my body will give up on me. Important factor to consider : the weather.

The most unexpected

Saying Yes to something I would normally say No to.

The best

A sunday-morning talk with my Mom. I am appreciating more and more all the times I’m spending alone with my mother. The women in the family should always stick together.

The year that was

2016 was probably the most gratifying year I’ve ever experienced due to the main fact that my patience reaped a big reward : finally realizing a childhood dream of coming home to a complete family. It wasn’t an easy journey but as cliché as it may sounds, the long road was worth it. My 2016 was equally spent in half : the first half in the Philippines and the rest in Hamburg. I’m glad I pushed myself in the very beginning to document each moment, random and big, that’s why I was able to come up with this year-end video I’m about to introduce.

My goal was to create something similar to those videos I see online, in the hopes of achieving a kick-ass, share-worthy video. With this goal in mind, I planned to show only the good stuff—travel videos, food, artistic shots, and all those beautiful aesthetics. It was very shallow, also impossible because first, I didn’t even plan on travelling and most importantly : it just wasn’t me. So I just stuck to what I do best : just showing who I really am. Unfiltered, random, happy, natural, lazy, bare.

Taking videos everyday was harder than I expected especially during the busy occasions of my year. It went from one-seconders a day to a few videos a week and then the big moments of the month. The editing was even harder since some of my videos weren’t properly shot and most of them were corrupted. But so as they say, the finished product makes every struggle useless and invisible. I’m glad I pushed myself to take as many videos as I could ’cause now, I have the great opportunity to look back and cherish every single moment as much as I want to. Now, I will always have a proof of those short moments in time that passed me by; even some that I insensitively forgot to cherish. I never knew a simple year-end video would bring a huge impact as I welcome a new year. This is a perfect reminder to appreciate every single thing in the present— the good, the bad, the normal, the nonsense.

To cut the long introduction, here’s my own reflection in video format.


The Sunday Currently : Remember


I knew right from the start that starting a new chapter abroad will be difficult and trying to say the least. However, one can never be too prepared for the weight of the challenges that came along with it. I found myself getting lost; forgetting who I was because I was too preoccupied with observing how people behave, how things work , how to adapt, and the whole idea of adjustment. I was swimming too far from the shore, desperate to reach my goal (or whatever is out there), to the point of drowning.. until I just stopped, floated for a bit, and focused my sight on something that I have unfortunately neglected : the Lighthouse which has been guiding me all along.

I remember once again why I am here and who I really am for.


Greg’s Tagebuch von Idioten umzingelt. I decided to read more to build my German vocabulary, eventhough reading a whole chapter takes me atleast day. I have to start somewhere, right?


to Joshua Radin’s Everything will be alright. Fitting.


my usual series (The Mindy Project, You’re the Worst, HTGWM, AHS: Roanoke, Modern Family) plus two German programs : Supertalent and The Voice of Germany!


For my family’s relationships.


for the sun to come out this week. I used to hate the weather back in the Philippines but now I miss it. It’s true when they say you never know what you got until it’s gone.


an appointment to the Hautartz ’cause my acne problems are very stressful.

Looking forward to

the answer to the most important question of the year : WHO DIED ON THE WALKING DEAD? My money’s on Glenn and Abraham.

negan walking dead


contented and grateful.



The Sunday Currently : Stuffed

the sunday currentlyvol 2 entry 3
Luigi’s Italian Restaurant at Landungsbrucke

Time does fly; the -BER months have arrived. I’m pretty sure I’ll be hearing Christmas songs this early (Jose Mari Chan, to be exact) if only I’m in the PH. We, Filipinos, have been accustomed to this early Christmas habit. I opened this discussion up to my Mom and learned that the festivities here begin on the 1st of December (the first Advent); starting before that will be too ridiculous. So, I guess it’s time to make new traditions and welcome them with enthusiasm.

Here are the other things I’m currently up to.


I just finished the book “The 100-year old man who flew out of the window and disappeared” and I never read a novel as funny as this one. I’ll be watching the movie adaptation in a bit.


The ticking of the keyboard while I’m typing this.


Jadine’s Till I Met You. ❤ I hope I could start Narcos 2 and finally finish Mr. Robot 2. Somehow I’ve got less time for series—which is better for my social relationship!


For more quiet time and a home church.


for a good week and as always, provision.


more sun for my running. Good weather, please!!

Looking forward to

my Mom’s birthday this week. We are planning a big surprise! I hope I can write it afterwards.


bloated from all the eating I’ve done for the past two days.

What have you been up to these days? Any early Christmas traditions you want to share?


The Sunday Currently: Contentment



Today’s supposedly a lazy Sunday but  I’m figuring some productive things to do today rather than lie all day in bed. My mother told me to just relax but I’m itching to do otherwise. I am quite surprised myself how active I am since I got here. Now here’s what I’ve been up to lately.


NOTHING! Do my German reference books count?


The Coffeehouse Playlist on Spotify. Lost Boy by Ruth B is currently playing.


This. My last entry was three months ago!


GMA’s Encantadia! I ironically watch more Filipino program now that I’m living abroad. I seldom watch teleseryes (except OTWOL) back in the PH and more US Series. Now, I’ve got no time to watch my US series 😦 I’m so late on Stranger Things and Mr. Robot Season 2!!!! I hope I’d find the time to catch up on those soon before The Walking Dead comes back this September!!


For our everyday guidance especially that Europe (and the word in general) has gone nuts lately.


for our daily provision—never in lack, always enough.


more time to catch up on my series.

Looking forward to

a family vacation. I just hope that my parents get to relax from work. Hopefully, it’ll happen soon.


very, very contented.

I hope you’re all having a great Sunday! Cheers wherever you are ❤

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For my Father

I have a great and loving relationship with my Papa. It wasn’t always that way but time & distance helped a lot. I’ve always wondered how it is to grow up with a father; I only get to experience it when I travel to Germany for vacation. As you can assume, I was deprived of the physical love but I took it as wonderful lesson that love goes beyond the physical.

Many people say I look like my Pa. What do you think?

My father affirms me of his love every single day in many different ways. He knows me even if he never gets to see me everyday. He listens to me. I can enumerate  more reasons why I’m glad to have someone like him but I think the best one is this : my Papa has God and he looks to Him for everything. My Papa is flawed just as I am, just as we all are, and he acknowledges that he needs God every day. My father reminds me of God’s goodness in my life especially when things get tough. It is so natural for me to love, obey, and honor my Papa because I see God in Him. My Lord used my Papa as a vessel of His love for me and for that I am grateful.

I told you at the beginning of this post that our relationship wasn’t always this way but his love now covered what was in the past, like it never happened in the first place. The same way Jesus died on the cross for me so I can live in righteousness. His love for me covered my multitude of sins and now everything’s new.

Today, I am showing my appreciation for my Papa through this post but more than anything, I am honoring my Heavenly Father for making sure that I have a loving earthly father. I honor God for being a great model for my Papa. Both of my father’s love go beyond what me eyes can see and what I can touch. I’m one lucky daughter. I give all the glory and praise to my Heavenly Father.

Happy Father’s Day, Pa ❤