You don’t know what you got till it’s gone

… and so I tell my summer break.

Almost three months of uni-free (with project submissions in between) — I made sure to enjoy it to the fullest, before everything goes batshit busy again. Sure I did spent a huge chunk of time working and streaming movies + series on Netflix and on other streaming websites, but I can definitely say, what a well-deserved summer vacation. Here’s why :

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For my Father

I have a great and loving relationship with my Papa. It wasn’t always that way but time & distance helped a lot. I’ve always wondered how it is to grow up with a father; I only get to experience it when I travel to Germany for vacation. As you can assume, I was deprived of the physical love but I took it as wonderful lesson that love goes beyond the physical.

Many people say I look like my Pa. What do you think?

My father affirms me of his love every single day in many different ways. He knows me even if he never gets to see me everyday. He listens to me. I can enumerate  more reasons why I’m glad to have someone like him but I think the best one is this : my Papa has God and he looks to Him for everything. My Papa is flawed just as I am, just as we all are, and he acknowledges that he needs God every day. My father reminds me of God’s goodness in my life especially when things get tough. It is so natural for me to love, obey, and honor my Papa because I see God in Him. My Lord used my Papa as a vessel of His love for me and for that I am grateful.

I told you at the beginning of this post that our relationship wasn’t always this way but his love now covered what was in the past, like it never happened in the first place. The same way Jesus died on the cross for me so I can live in righteousness. His love for me covered my multitude of sins and now everything’s new.

Today, I am showing my appreciation for my Papa through this post but more than anything, I am honoring my Heavenly Father for making sure that I have a loving earthly father. I honor God for being a great model for my Papa. Both of my father’s love go beyond what me eyes can see and what I can touch. I’m one lucky daughter. I give all the glory and praise to my Heavenly Father.

Happy Father’s Day, Pa ❤

Butch & Miro

My longtime friends, Butch and Miro, got married for the second time last weekend. First one was civil and this one’s a christian ceremony. Butch, whom I fondly call HB, is very dear to me since she was present during my “formative” adult years—if there is such a thing. She and I also got baptized at the same time; she’s one of those people who I can always run to for encouragement and prayer. Basically, she’s my HB 4ever and my sister in Christ.

You can imagine how emotional I was that day and I couldn’t hold back my tears when I saw her walking down the aisle. I was extremely happy for her. All the memories of  praying for that exact moment came flashing through my mind. God is faithful, without a doubt. What He promised would come to fruition.


Prior to this moment, I grabbed the opportunity and took a photo with the groom!


Just to give you a short background, HB and Miro have been together for 5 years and most of those were spent long-distance. Their relationship is a proof that long-distance relationship might be hard but it works… if you work hard on it.


Intermission : cute baby alert

The very adorable, Libby
I forgot to crop this one out. Look at Libby!!

Here are the photos from the reception aka gutom-na-yung-mga-tao.

But first…
It’s also cool that my best friend’s boyfriend is a friend of the groom. I get to spend the weekend with her even though I was third-wheeling most of the time. 

The wedding was also a reunion of some sorts. I got to hang out with my old officemates! They are the best. I think I’ll never find anyone like them in other companies. All of us left our previous company, fyi.

1/3 of the whole Solar family

It was an awesome wedding, all in all. The main reason why this wedding is perfect is because God made it happen. This is God’s gift.

Now look at this cute baby once more.



A letter from my old self to the future me

*the actual letter

I took a day off from my work today to do some spring-cleaning in my room. While I was cleaning out my desk, I found an old box containing letters from my friends, photographs, concert tickets, etc and I saw a very interesting one— a *letter from my old self for my future boyfriend.

I honestly forgot that it exists. If I’m not mistaken, it was written four/five years ago. It was an image of how lost I was before I met Jesus Christ. Back then, I was eager to meet someone who will see me through my partying, drinking, smoking, etc etc. I was ready to commit and give my heart to a person. I wanted saving.

Well, I did meet someone. Someone saw through my flaws. I gave my heart, not to a person but to God.  Jesus saved me & I surrendered at His feet.

I read the letter twice. I laughed and then looked back on where God took me to be where I am right now. I never saw my worth back then. My habits were damaging; I was damaged. But God orchestrated everything just so I could meet people who would lead me to Him. God met me where I was: damaged, flawed, lost, and broken. He must have really loved me because through it all, He called me.

I threw the letter into the bin but not before taking one last photo ’cause I know this is going to be another great testimony of how Jesus redeems people. Jesus is the only one who can truly change and save lives. When He said, “I make all things new”, He was true to His word.

I may come across a few other things that will remind me of my old self but I will always look at it with a grateful heart. Some might say that you just have to forget the past but I won’t. I will always remember who I was; I’m just only turning my back on old ways. I thank God for redeeming me, for showing me how precious I am, and for loving me unconditionally.

So I guess I have to make a new letter now. 😉

10 things about me

What better way to start this blog by a decent introduction? 

  1. I am a woman of many names, literally. I am Anne to my family, Joie to my elementary friends, Sophie to my high school/college/office mates, Joie Anne to my German classmates. I also have pet names (Sops, Sopas, Kapatid, Chong, F, Dhee, Twin etc etc) but that’s irrelevant already.
  2. I am a firm believer of Jesus Christ. Hence most of my entries reflect upon my strong belief on Him.
  3. I am always on the lookout for a new television series but Breaking Bad, Friends, Game of Thrones, The Mindy Project, and Modern Family will always have my heart.
  4. I am a big fan of Coldplay (borderline obsessed).
  5. I run long distances at every possible opportunity. It’s a good way for me to think and to breathe.. because
  6. …I have a bad sense of smell. You can blame it on my chronic Sinutis.
  7. I am a housewife in the making. Not that it is intentional but the things I do is perfect for a housewife. Hint: Monica in Friends.
  8. I am currently studying German and on my way to becoming a full-pledged bilingual.
  9. Family plays a big role in my life. Me being a Filipino could play a vital part.
  10.  I can make a mean Sinigang.