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When I say stuffed, this has not only to do how much I’ve been stuffing my self lately with food but also how packed my schedule was and actually, will be from now on. There’s so much on my plate right now but I honestly don’t feel burdened by it. I can say I’m very fulfilled.

Among other things, here’s what I’m currently in and up to.


Bethel Music. Been playing Ever Be a couple of times now because it’s true, His praise will ever be on my lips.


Der Tatortreiniger. The 20-minute episodes are good for pre-sleep/Deutschverbesserung activity.

Catching up on

Mr. Robot Season 3. Hello Elliot, you sexy hacker


Follow Me!. I’m reading this for my baby thesis.


Green tea. I’m relying on it after eating so much today.


old tricks from my previous job. I’m so glad I paid attention to our programming department back in Solar since I’m doing the similar job here in Hamburg. It pays to be a curious cat!


Bloated. I  ran for twenty minutes yesterday and I walked half of it. I felt so heavy! Haha. The last time I ran was two weeks ago and I clearly remembered that I walked half of it too. I kinda lost my running habits ever since UNI started plus winter ain’t a good motivator. The holiday’s coming so I’m gonna let go until then.


Bethel Youth’s Worship Night. My prayer group leader and friend invited me to this Worship Night in her church but she wasn’t able to join me ’cause of Thanksgiving. Nonetheless, I went and experienced first-hand a very lively worship night headed by the African community. Let me share one powerful statement from the Pastor,

“We are living like lambs even though we are created to roar like a lion.”


my Ello account. In case you’re on it, follow me by clicking here.



My sleeping habits. I recently started working in a production company (an answered prayer!) which is at least an hour away from where I live. I even have to take a regional train going there! But Lord, I’m not complaining.

This also means that I have to wake up early and avoid staying up late. This is never a big problem of mine since I’m often asleep before midnight. The only thing is, I am always sleepy when I get home after a long day. I am already in bed around 8-9pm and find myself waking up after midnight! I counted the hours and figured that my body got so used to the 6-7 sleeping hours. Knowing my sleeping routine well, I can now adjust so I could wake up on time.

Now that we’re talking about sleeping, guess this has to do for now. Have a great week!


Plot Twist


I was actually having a tip-top week. I bought concert tickets for my second-favorite band, Phoenix, caught up with my teacher (whom I should start calling my friend now), had two group dinner with my language friends, worked productively, managed to lessen my social media habits, and had an afternoon with my church community. But life sometimes surprises you with plot twists which leave you wondering, where the hell did that come from? In my case… Saturday night.

I had to gather all my strength to be able to get out of bed since I have to do something exciting at my home church. By God’s grace, Sunday turned out well but as I am typing this now, the strange feeling is starting to creep in. Before it gets any worse, let me remind myself of how, in general, tip-top this week was.

Activity of the Week

International Pigging out. I must have tasted over five different cuisines this week: Peruvian, Brazilian, Korean (which is not new), Mediterranean, Japanese (also not new) and Indian. Being surrounded by ‘international’ friends do have its perks since if it were up to my habits, I’ll stick to the usuals.

Highlight # 1

Phoenix Tickets: Check!. It’s already set in stone. Now I’m just gonna count the days.

Highlight # 2

The supposed grill turned kitchen cookout.


Someone once told me that when you’re in a church community, you’ll gain pounds since all we do is eat, eat, eat. I’ve been to three-four different communities and all I can say is, this is one of the reasons why I run.

Highlight # 3

That one night that changed this week’s mood. As disheartening as this may be, it rightfully deserves this spot. I am trying to see the good in every situation and what follows are the results:

Lesson # 1

Embrace the bad sides. I’m painstakingly optimistic and it’s gonna take a lot from me to go on a day with black clouds hovering above my head. Life throws curveballs and I have to embrace it— and all the emotions that come with it. It is what makes me human. I allowed myself to feel shame, anger, pity, and disappointment all in one go. BUT..

Lesson # 2

…God’s grace is always available. We are not meant to stay and sulk. We have to get up and kick it out. Personally, I run and pick a preaching. The preaching I listened today hit home unintentionally, which I’m 100% sure is God’s doing. One should only learn to admit that he can’t really do anything better in a dark situation other than to run to God. The problems won’t magically disappear yet there is peace in knowing that God is looking after you and His grace is within reach.

Lesson # 3

Set aside your concerns and glorify God. The moment I stepped inside His home, I am no longer present but His spirit. It was definitely a hard work today but the moment I magnified God, everything just seems insignificant.

Rewarding moment of the Week

The posters we’ve been working hard for a couple of months have been set up! My babies ❤


Best Deal

GOT leak. I’m all for spoilers and actually read the plot leak a couple of weeks back BUT watching the episode still gave me chillzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Pun included

Image result for got season 7 episode 6 gif

Favorite GOT scene

Tormund and the Hound. I’m gonna be nice and leave it at that. #spoilernospoiler

Song of the Night

Listening to this song while ending this post. See you next week!


What now?

I am a big series buff and I take my series seriously. So when most of my series ended one by one, I’m left with the question: What now?

I usually move quickly to a new series after one ends but this time, I’ve got (almost) no shows left to move on to. Again the question, “What now ver. 2?” 

Disclaimer : I’m spewing spoilers here so if you haven’t watched any of the finales, better stop.


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Coldplay. Beyonce. Bruno Mars.

I overslept this morning which means that I missed the Superbowl Halftime. I woke up and immediately checked my Twitter timeline & saw beautiful images of Coldplay, Bey and Bruno.

I kind of hated myself for not setting an alarm ’cause I thought I’d be waking up early. Fortunately, the performance was already uploaded and as of this writing, I have already watched it for the third time. I’m listening to the live performance while typing this entry.

So for those who haven’t seen it yet, here you go :

5 top/important reactions

  1. The Yellow opening is awesome.
  2. Bruno Mars slayed
  3. Queen B got no time to mess around
  4. Bruno and Bey sounded good together
  5. THE ENDING BROUGHT ME CLOSE TO TEARS. Up and Up is my favorite song in the album and I’m surprised they sang that one for the finale. And that image “Believe in Love”, eh di kayo na Coldplay!

Say what you gonna say, Coldplay did justice. It didn’t hurt that Beyonce & Bruno are with the band! But…. Coldplay, you are the star. 


Eat Bulaga! Diaries #AldubEBPrewedding

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

My family has been watching Eat Bulaga! religiously ever since Aldub came into the picture. Don’t label us bandwagoners; we have been on Team Eat Bulaga! since its RPN days. I could distinctly remember our black and white TV screen, waiting for Eat Bulaga’s countdown when it moved to a different channel. But man, Aldub is different. I never knew someone could replace (or at least come close) Piolo-Juday, Jolina-Marvin, and Bea-John Lloyd to my heart.

Last Saturday was our second attempt in watching EB live; the first one was during APEC (we had to head back home due to the horrible traffic—different story to be told). We were at the studio earlier than expected and we saw a huge group of people who were there even before us, which got me thinking, “Wow, I wouldn’t dare call myself a big fan compared to these people” They were…ALL OUT. Crazy. Amazing.

So while waiting, me and my uncle had to go to the gas station across the street and witnessed this :


We saw it happening right before our eyes. What a pleasant sight, right? The surprises didn’t stop there. 

When we got to the waiting area, my Tita found out her friend only reserved 10 seats–we were 12. It was hard to decide who gets left behind; I actually thought of going Katniss right then and there

My cousin and her boyfriend ended up staying behind. Problem solved. 

And so we got inside. We had to wait for 2 1/2 hours till the show starts. It could have been a pleasant wait if only they allowed food and drinks inside. Plus, we were freezing.

The three entertainers were the saving grace as well as the chance of winning prizes later on.

Spoiler alert : I didn’t win. It wasn’t a surprise; luck was never on my side when it comes to raffle.

From time to time, we saw Baste and Ryzza rehearsing. BASTE IS SUCH A QT. I wish I could take him home and my pictures didn’t do justice to his adorableness. The show started eventually and honestly, I didn’t enjoy it the way I did when I watch at home. Don’t get me wrong, the show is truly entertaining. However, for someone who is familiar with how TV production works, my eyes are focused on what’s happening technically. You couldn’t really take the TV out of the TV person. Plus, I was really distracted by the charms of  Ryan Agoncillo. ❤ Palusot pako. Hehe

Well, let me get to the main point of this entry : ALDUB.

They were magnetic in person. You could tell these two are something. I was especially enamored by Alden Richards. What a handsome young man. My goodness.

Exhibit A : 

Exhibit B: 

Wrong grammar pa sa pagmamadali. At yes, may family account kami for ALDUB. #noshame

Fun Aldub fact : They were really sweet off-cam. We saw Alden teaching Maine the chords after the segment, with Alden guiding Maine’s hand to the kiss….charot, keys. Alden was also the complete gentleman around Maine. If I were Maine, naku girl, walang lugi. It goes both ways, actually. Maine was closely attending to Alden. Meron na talaga yan. I believe they are comfortable around each other…honestly, too close for comfort. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they decide to become a couple. The chances are not slim. High moment of the day when Alden kissed Maine on the cheek. KIILIIIGGGGERS. ❤ ❤ ❤

Ngiting tagumpay. Ngiting kilig.

We left the show hungry but happy. I’m glad we had that chance to watch the show as a family. When we got home, we watched the replay and saw ourselves. We had a good laugh and that is what’s important. I know it sounds cheesy & Lola Nidora-ish but I’m going to say it anyways,

Eat Bulaga really does bring families together. I think the main reason why they are still here is because of the joy they bring to thousands of people worldwide and they connect every person to one another. God wouldn’t stop this purpose but will flourish them even more. I am also glad to know that they’ve been spreading the knowledge of the living God  & that is the testament that God is on their side. Plateau or not, they will stay and live on.


Thank you, EB. *woooh

From the girl who always loses in raffles,



You’re The Worst

Let me just say right off the bat: GO WATCH THIS SHOW NOW. 

I binge-watched You’re The Worst last holiday vacation & got hooked since then. Honestly, I am nowhere near the characters of this show yet I feel a strong connection with this series.

Just this week, they capped of the second season with a satisfying finale.

Warning : There will be spoilers of course. 

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