My internet-free week

I am typing this entry while sitting at my neighbor’s couch because well, you’ve read it already: I am having an obligatory internet-free week. By obligatory I mean, our router gave up and our service provider shamefully decides to delay repair. I mean come on, sending repair after a week?

I can actually bear a week without internet but we had an official holiday this week— which could have been nicely spent watching movies and series. My seminars/assignments/pdfs are all online which also gave me such a hassle. The only good thing I can get out of this situation is the fact that my little brother finally had a break. He’s a computer addict, he needs it.

I cannot do my usual sunday post since I don’t have the luxury of typing a detailed entry but let me share three photos:


I saw Phoenix again after three years!!!!!!! I’m having an awesome fan year. Coldplay and Phoenix in a span of four months.



Thomas Mars did his usual crowdsurfing and it took me awhile to react when he passed in front of me. He never gets old.



That was one packed month and it flew quickly.


I believe I’m overextending my stay at my neighbor’s place so I have to slowly finish everything I’m doing online. See you next time!




I’m deliberately taking a short break from my lazy, movie-marathon Sunday since I feel my eyes watering and my back aching. I honestly want to get this post over and done with so I can go back to my comfort place before a new, long week starts again.

Episode of the Week

The Spoils of War, obv.

Unpopular opinion: As much as Dany is a badass, I don’t appreciate her as much as I did back in Seasons 1-4. More so Jon bending the knee and them having an incestuous romance. Nope, I’m not for it. Also #TeamYgritte4eva

Band of the Week

Two Door Cinema Club. I’m a creature of habit and I’m trying to break it when it comes to music. I would want to explore more choices however I still go back to the bands I listen to… that I haven’t listened in awhile. That does not count as exploring, doesn’t it?

New German Movie

Es war einmal in Deutschland. My previous language school holds a monthly movie event and I get to go to these events eventhough I no longer study German there. It’s a good way to discover movies and learn at the same time. I surprisingly find German movies enjoyable and I stopped watching international dubbed movies. Better to watch it in its original form. I consider so far Lola Rennt as my favorite German film but I like discovering new German films— and this monthly event definitely helps.

In case you’re my German blog reader, I recommend this film too. Es geht eigentlich um das zweite Weltkrieg, doch es ist interessant und auch lustig als ich erwartete.

Discovery of the Week

A new vietnamese restaurant. Prices are reasonable, atmosphere is good plus it is open on Sundays! A great advantage when you’re living in DE.

I-give-up moment of the week.

Die Hexe von Portabello (The witch from Portabello). I was almost at the end but I just gave up and read the ending online. Really not my taste. I’m reading a new one at the moment— a thriller. I had enough of romance.

Bible verse of the week

“The least of you will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation. I am the LORD; in its time I will do this swiftly.” Isaiah 60:22

I’m praying for a certain ‘mission’ in my life and reading this verse encourage me to the fullest.

Highlight of the week

Henri and Smilla. I’m babysitting these twins since last year and I’m seeing them slowly grow up. I saw them a lot this week (4 days in a row) and today I saw them swing alone for the first time. It was actually fulfilling… not until three minutes have passed and no one wants to go down the swing. Five minutes in and I saw them falling asleep. So much for the big-kid moments.

Other than these things, I also ran and my splinter got worse. The weather was also intolerable in Hamburg and I just paid 40 euros worth of medicines. Not a slow week, amirite? Now let me go back to my movies and chips.



Hashtag Blessedt

You're invited to the celebration of.jpg

Patience does reap rewards and I’m harvesting my labor this week… or in millenial/Drake’s term, “I’m way up I feel blessed”. Here’s why:

Highlight of the week

I got an admissions offer at a German university for a German degree!! After one long year of learning a difficult language and fighting the German bureaucracy, I got a positive answer and the degree I actually wanted. I’m studying another BA; it wasn’t exactly what I planned but this is the direction where God is pointing me so I’ll be an obedient daughter and follow. I’m honestly excited about the prospect of studying a German degree even though it entails more hardwork. My next step is to enroll until next week and wait for the start of the semester in October. I only have two months to enjoy my freedom as a half-bum. Haha!

Most memorable and shortest trip

A day trip to Berlin with my Ma. I accompanied my Ma to Berlin to fix her passport and I think, it was one of those rare occasions where I truly spend an ample time with my Mama without thinking of my Papa and two brothers. I was glad to be able to help her out with her documents which made her look back at the instances with her mom, my grandmother. Turns out, I was doing exactly the same things she was doing for her mom. History does repeat itself… which reminds me to be more loving towards my parents so I could experience the same love from my future children. Sounds selfish, but it really cycles back. At the end of our trip, I received the email from the university (see above) and it was a good way to close our day.

Biggest Revelation

Visions and prophecy. This is very personal so I’ll just leave it that.

Kilig of the week

I will try to be very vauge/secretive because the subject ‘might’ stalk me and read this entry. Either way, I’m gonna put this here to remind myself of how good this day was. See, when you just let God move in His own time and in His own way, everything is just…. smooth. It all falls into place.

Bildergebnis für meme this is too cute snoop dogg

Book of the Week/Month

Veronika beschlossen zu sterben (Paulo Coelho). I’ve been reading German books to amp up my vocabulary and reading skills. I find Paulo Coelho’s translated books lighter to understand. I’m now on my third Paulo Coelho book (Die Hexe von Portabello) and hope it’s interesting as the last one.


I can now cook Lumpiang Shanghai! This move to Hamburg is bringing out my future housewife skills… or my inner Monica.*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto

Favorite scene on GOT

Nymeria : K bye


Playlist of the Week

Phoenix-Ti Amo Tour 2017. They will be having a concert on September in Hamburg & hell yeah I’ll be there. 2017 is a good year for my “fan” self. I’ve already been to Phoenix’ concert in Manila but now that they have a new album, I should definitely witness it!

All these highlights aside, this week (and even the past two weeks) has been fulfilling. I can see all God’s plan in my life unfolding right before my eyes and all I have to do is let Him move. After all the waiting and the working, I’m reaping what I sowed for. I know that after the harvest comes another season of sowing, but I’ll gladly do it— no questions asked.

Hope you all have a great week!


In comparison to my previous active weeks, these past 7 days have been on the slow spectrum… but only when it comes to my running routine. This running break  allowed me to focus on other important things : reviewing my growing German vocabulary, listening to German radio, and updating my Music library. Besides these, here’s a glimpse of how the last week of January and the first week of February looked like.

Best Day

Friday.  My classmate, Janeen, had her farewell party which ended until midnight. It was… amazing. For a minute I felt like I was back in the company of my friends in the Philippines. Although we are still learning our way with German, our language deficiency never became a barrier to have deep conversations about our cultural differences, our present life in Germany, and our unclear but optimistic future.

Best Activity

Sleeping. I took several naps over the weekend and for the first time in a long time, I woke up late than normal. I kinda missed taking naps.

Artist of the Week

John Mayer. I saw on the news that he’s having a World Tour starting in the US, which triggered me to listen to his songs. His first album, in my opinion, is still his best. His new single, Love on the Weekend, is on the other hand,  definitely catchy.

Series of the Week

Westworld. I’m late to the party but still I came! Such a shame that we have to wait until 2018 before the new season… There’s always waiting when it comes to these good series.

German Word of the Week

Erklärungsnot : the difficulty in explaining something. Erklärung means explanation and Not means emergency. Put them together and you got “Explanation Emergency”. This is the beauty of the German language; they have their own vocabulary which has no distinct and equivalent English translation.

German Phrase of the Week

“Du hast nicht alle Tassen im Schrank ” (You don’t have any cups in the cupboard) Weird translation but it basically means, you’ve got a loose screw.

Realization of the Week


Sunday’s best


I’m in the mood to make everything new so now, I’m starting a different weekly format featuring the superlatives of my week. Let’s see how well I’m going to fare in this category.

Most interesting

Meeting a stranger and having a great time.

Most shocking

A death of a lead character in Sherlock Season 4. I can see a trend happening and they’re all taking master tips from GRR Martin.

The cutest

My two classmates. I’m playing Matchmaker between the two and hopefully next week will bring results.

Best German word

Der Regisseur. I like how it rolls off my tongue

Best German sentence

Das ist Schnee von gestern. A friend translated it for me and it meant, all water under the bridge. It’s peculiar how it was translated but it’s German, what’s more to expect.

The craziest

The weather this weekend in Hamburg. It was hard to walk and I’m glad I stayed at home.

Most played song

Alanis Morisette’s Ironic. I must have played it for more

The longest

13, 12 km running distance. I’m finally getting my running endurance back and exceeded my personal expectations. However, I think I should be getting a new and proper running shoes (the whole getup) because otherwise, my body will give up on me. Important factor to consider : the weather.

The most unexpected

Saying Yes to something I would normally say No to.

The best

A sunday-morning talk with my Mom. I am appreciating more and more all the times I’m spending alone with my mother. The women in the family should always stick together.

The Sunday Currently : Remember


I knew right from the start that starting a new chapter abroad will be difficult and trying to say the least. However, one can never be too prepared for the weight of the challenges that came along with it. I found myself getting lost; forgetting who I was because I was too preoccupied with observing how people behave, how things work , how to adapt, and the whole idea of adjustment. I was swimming too far from the shore, desperate to reach my goal (or whatever is out there), to the point of drowning.. until I just stopped, floated for a bit, and focused my sight on something that I have unfortunately neglected : the Lighthouse which has been guiding me all along.

I remember once again why I am here and who I really am for.


Greg’s Tagebuch von Idioten umzingelt. I decided to read more to build my German vocabulary, eventhough reading a whole chapter takes me atleast day. I have to start somewhere, right?


to Joshua Radin’s Everything will be alright. Fitting.


my usual series (The Mindy Project, You’re the Worst, HTGWM, AHS: Roanoke, Modern Family) plus two German programs : Supertalent and The Voice of Germany!


For my family’s relationships.


for the sun to come out this week. I used to hate the weather back in the Philippines but now I miss it. It’s true when they say you never know what you got until it’s gone.


an appointment to the Hautartz ’cause my acne problems are very stressful.

Looking forward to

the answer to the most important question of the year : WHO DIED ON THE WALKING DEAD? My money’s on Glenn and Abraham.

negan walking dead


contented and grateful.



The Sunday Currently : Stuffed

the sunday currentlyvol 2 entry 3
Luigi’s Italian Restaurant at Landungsbrucke

Time does fly; the -BER months have arrived. I’m pretty sure I’ll be hearing Christmas songs this early (Jose Mari Chan, to be exact) if only I’m in the PH. We, Filipinos, have been accustomed to this early Christmas habit. I opened this discussion up to my Mom and learned that the festivities here begin on the 1st of December (the first Advent); starting before that will be too ridiculous. So, I guess it’s time to make new traditions and welcome them with enthusiasm.

Here are the other things I’m currently up to.


I just finished the book “The 100-year old man who flew out of the window and disappeared” and I never read a novel as funny as this one. I’ll be watching the movie adaptation in a bit.


The ticking of the keyboard while I’m typing this.


Jadine’s Till I Met You. ❤ I hope I could start Narcos 2 and finally finish Mr. Robot 2. Somehow I’ve got less time for series—which is better for my social relationship!


For more quiet time and a home church.


for a good week and as always, provision.


more sun for my running. Good weather, please!!

Looking forward to

my Mom’s birthday this week. We are planning a big surprise! I hope I can write it afterwards.


bloated from all the eating I’ve done for the past two days.

What have you been up to these days? Any early Christmas traditions you want to share?


The Sunday Currently: Contentment



Today’s supposedly a lazy Sunday but  I’m figuring some productive things to do today rather than lie all day in bed. My mother told me to just relax but I’m itching to do otherwise. I am quite surprised myself how active I am since I got here. Now here’s what I’ve been up to lately.


NOTHING! Do my German reference books count?


The Coffeehouse Playlist on Spotify. Lost Boy by Ruth B is currently playing.


This. My last entry was three months ago!


GMA’s Encantadia! I ironically watch more Filipino program now that I’m living abroad. I seldom watch teleseryes (except OTWOL) back in the PH and more US Series. Now, I’ve got no time to watch my US series 😦 I’m so late on Stranger Things and Mr. Robot Season 2!!!! I hope I’d find the time to catch up on those soon before The Walking Dead comes back this September!!


For our everyday guidance especially that Europe (and the word in general) has gone nuts lately.


for our daily provision—never in lack, always enough.


more time to catch up on my series.

Looking forward to

a family vacation. I just hope that my parents get to relax from work. Hopefully, it’ll happen soon.


very, very contented.

I hope you’re all having a great Sunday! Cheers wherever you are ❤

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The Sunday Currently : Apathetic


It’s been awhile since the last TSC entry! Just to change things a bit,  I thought that maybe I’d also include a word that best describes my feeling for the week.This week’s magic word is.. as you can see.. apathetic.  The reason is self-evident; no need to expound ’cause I wouldn’t stay true to my apathy.


The book of Psalms.


Beyonce’s Lemonade. I’ve been listening to Bey’s album for weeks now.


This and my schedule for the coming week. I need to seriously get things organized and do more important things other than browsing the internet.


Game of Thrones! Yaaaaas


For clarity, wisdom, and the finality of my visa.


to write my visa journey.


my good habits back.

Looking forward to

my 27th birthday.


out of touch.

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The Sunday Currently : Jesus wins.

Prague. March 2015.

You’ve probably seen several (some heated) exchange surfacing online re Pacman and the LGBT community. Much has been said and to be honest, these types of reactions shouldn’t come as a surprise. This happens time and time again (i.e SCOTUS). There’s judgement on both sides, offense, pity, “we are all going to hell” statements, clash of beliefs, and basically a competition of who’s better than other. Again, this shouldn’t be a surprise. This is how the world operates. As a Christian, I stand strong with my beliefs but I would never tolerate the hatred, the judgement, and most importantly, taking the Bible/Word out of context. This is why we need to read the Bible. This is why we need Jesus… and basically, as human, we need to learn how it is to truly love others. No one is above others as well as no sin is greater. In the Bible, lahat yan pantay-pantay.  And guess what? We are all sinners and we all fall short of the glory of God. But good news, Jesus died for all of our sins (past, present, future). Better news : Jesus loves us just as we are. Finally, the best news : In the end, Jesus wins… and Jesus is love. 


2 Samuel along with Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects.


to Hillsong Worship playlist on Spotify for nth time. My playlist are very monotonous, hehe.


on my budget tracker. I wanted to manage my finances well for this year and in preparation for my family’s future plans.


Fish oil supplements. I can see my face clearing up so I guess this works!


American Crime Story, How to Get Away with Murder, The Walking Dead, and Better Call Saul. All my series went back!


for world peace. Legit.


for some news regarding my visa just so I could fix other plans.


NARCOS. I just binge-watched the show last week and staying up late was worth it!


a massage and a good, long sleep.

Looking forward to

the finale of OTWOL and the brunch with the jeje girls.


tired and sore because of the chores I did this morning.


I hope you’ll have a wonderful, love-filled week and let me quote Ellen Degeneres,

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