Plot Twist


I was actually having a tip-top week. I bought concert tickets for my second-favorite band, Phoenix, caught up with my teacher (whom I should start calling my friend now), had two group dinner with my language friends, worked productively, managed to lessen my social media habits, and had an afternoon with my church community. But life sometimes surprises you with plot twists which leave you wondering, where the hell did that come from? In my case… Saturday night.

I had to gather all my strength to be able to get out of bed since I have to do something exciting at my home church. By God’s grace, Sunday turned out well but as I am typing this now, the strange feeling is starting to creep in. Before it gets any worse, let me remind myself of how, in general, tip-top this week was.

Activity of the Week

International Pigging out. I must have tasted over five different cuisines this week: Peruvian, Brazilian, Korean (which is not new), Mediterranean, Japanese (also not new) and Indian. Being surrounded by ‘international’ friends do have its perks since if it were up to my habits, I’ll stick to the usuals.

Highlight # 1

Phoenix Tickets: Check!. It’s already set in stone. Now I’m just gonna count the days.

Highlight # 2

The supposed grill turned kitchen cookout.


Someone once told me that when you’re in a church community, you’ll gain pounds since all we do is eat, eat, eat. I’ve been to three-four different communities and all I can say is, this is one of the reasons why I run.

Highlight # 3

That one night that changed this week’s mood. As disheartening as this may be, it rightfully deserves this spot. I am trying to see the good in every situation and what follows are the results:

Lesson # 1

Embrace the bad sides. I’m painstakingly optimistic and it’s gonna take a lot from me to go on a day with black clouds hovering above my head. Life throws curveballs and I have to embrace it— and all the emotions that come with it. It is what makes me human. I allowed myself to feel shame, anger, pity, and disappointment all in one go. BUT..

Lesson # 2

…God’s grace is always available. We are not meant to stay and sulk. We have to get up and kick it out. Personally, I run and pick a preaching. The preaching I listened today hit home unintentionally, which I’m 100% sure is God’s doing. One should only learn to admit that he can’t really do anything better in a dark situation other than to run to God. The problems won’t magically disappear yet there is peace in knowing that God is looking after you and His grace is within reach.

Lesson # 3

Set aside your concerns and glorify God. The moment I stepped inside His home, I am no longer present but His spirit. It was definitely a hard work today but the moment I magnified God, everything just seems insignificant.

Rewarding moment of the Week

The posters we’ve been working hard for a couple of months have been set up! My babies ❤


Best Deal

GOT leak. I’m all for spoilers and actually read the plot leak a couple of weeks back BUT watching the episode still gave me chillzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Pun included

Image result for got season 7 episode 6 gif

Favorite GOT scene

Tormund and the Hound. I’m gonna be nice and leave it at that. #spoilernospoiler

Song of the Night

Listening to this song while ending this post. See you next week!



Mr. West

My best friend and I have been following Kanye West since the beginning of our friendship; our peak was back in senior and the years after. Admittedly, I lost interest when Kanye started dabbling into Hollywood aka the Kardashians. Still, I followed his music up until Watch the Throne. I was never into his Yeezus album because of obvious reasons; although Black Skinhead is very catchy.

A few months ago, we heard that Kanye is coming to Manila for a music festival. We were apprehensive  because number 1, we didn’t trust the producer (they have a history) and number 2 (which is crucial), Kanye is unpredictable— just look at his tweets. However, advertisements kept creeping in and our curiosity sparked big time. We stalked Kanye’s whereabouts including Kim’s for two weeks up until yesterday. We didn’t buy tickets in advance because like what I’ve said, we didn’t think he was coming. The deciding factor came when we saw a photo of Kanye’s arrival in Manila.

Gulat pa si Pare

That’s when we knew : we had to go.

 I finished my work  yesterday at 6 pm, hurried to Manila, and waited for my friends at the event. We went inside the venue just in time for Wiz Khalifa; he was chill as chill can be.  *wink wink


I wouldn’t say much but this : Wiz Khalifa has a solid fan base in the Philippines. I heard lots of people rapping with him; me excluded since I only know four of his songs. Nonetheless, he was very entertaining. I wouldn’t be surprised if his fan base grows after this concert.

Now here comes Mr. West. He was actually late for his supposed 1130 performance but ye know, “You should be honored by my lateness”.


The lights went on and I was shouting my lungs out! I was dancing all over my cramped space, looking at my bestfriend’s face and just telling each other how we can’t believe we are seeing Kanye live. I guess what makes it special is the fact that I get to share this with my best friend.

Would you look at those happy, sweaty faces?!

Earlier I mentioned that I’ve kinda lost interest on Kanye because of his recent actions but seeing him perform live made me appreciate his artistry and gained back my admiration for the man. Kanye West is really something, let me tell you. He performed and killed it. I’m just in awe of how good Kanye is as an artist; I hope he’d put this into good use.

One more thing, he sang most of his classics—it was amazing. Just to give you an idea, here is his setlist :

Runaway is my favorite.

Here’s a clip of Kanye being Kanye.

Side story : while I was recording this video, the girl standing in front of me accidentally threw my phone when she hit my hand out of excitement. Here’s a proof:

It was a good night. Until now, I can’t believe I watched Kanye live. I didn’t take many photos but plenty of videos. I’m planning to edit them once Adobe starts functioning properly on my laptop. However, if you’re interested in watching some snippets, I’ve got a couple on my snapchat. Better watch those before it expire!

Kanye, you were great and are a great artist. Just take it easy on Twitter, ok? Haha.

My bestfriend and I.

Coldplay. Beyonce. Bruno Mars.

I overslept this morning which means that I missed the Superbowl Halftime. I woke up and immediately checked my Twitter timeline & saw beautiful images of Coldplay, Bey and Bruno.

I kind of hated myself for not setting an alarm ’cause I thought I’d be waking up early. Fortunately, the performance was already uploaded and as of this writing, I have already watched it for the third time. I’m listening to the live performance while typing this entry.

So for those who haven’t seen it yet, here you go :

5 top/important reactions

  1. The Yellow opening is awesome.
  2. Bruno Mars slayed
  3. Queen B got no time to mess around
  4. Bruno and Bey sounded good together
  5. THE ENDING BROUGHT ME CLOSE TO TEARS. Up and Up is my favorite song in the album and I’m surprised they sang that one for the finale. And that image “Believe in Love”, eh di kayo na Coldplay!

Say what you gonna say, Coldplay did justice. It didn’t hurt that Beyonce & Bruno are with the band! But…. Coldplay, you are the star. 



I finally got a copy of A Head Full of Dreams!! I am listening alone.. my emotions are on a high… fnoslgjp32it2wmk’;ak I couldn’t even find the words.






I literally can’t. Maybe these .gifs would suffice.

Track 1 : A Head Full of Dreams

Track 2 : Birds

Track 3: Hymn for the Weekend 

Track 6: Fun 


Track 7: Kaleidoscope

Track 8: Army of One

Track 10: Colour Spectrum

Track 11 : Up & Up

If you’re done listening, I know we’d be all…


PS: I’m so articulate, right? 😀

*I didn’t include Adventure of a Lifetime, Amazing Day, & Everglow.


20 Thoughts on the new Coldplay single, Adventure of a Lifetime

For reference : 

The new Coldplay single Adventure of a Lifetime from the seventh album A Head Full of Dreams came out and since I am a big fan of the band, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to fangirl my thoughts.

  1. This is it. This is it. Play.
  2. Oh India
  3. This reminds me of Phoenix
  4. Yup, Phoenix.
  5. I can’t help but dance. In an 80’s way  
  6. “Turn your magic on” You bet I will
  7. I can’t help but dance. 
  8. “I feel my heart beating” Good callback to Mylo Xyloto.
  9. Who isn’t dancing?!  
  10. “You make me feel… alive again!”  Yes boys, you do!
  11. Side step. Head sway. Clap. 
  12. the 80’s are back!
  13. No one can’t stop the Coldplay funk! 
  14. Oh that intermission though.
  15. “Turn your magic on”—this line is growing on me. Also, another callback from Ghost Stories.
  16. That riffs though. Amazing. Coldplay is making new music.
  17. I’m not crying I swear.  
  18. OH YES I’M SINGING! Wohooooo. Wo—hoooo. Wo–hoooooooo. 
  19. BRB. DYING
  20. Thank you Coldplay for making new music 

Last Album Syndrome: Wings (EP)

I never truly appreciated Christian music until I began to have a relationship with Jesus. There were moments that God used several songs to speak to me & I returned my gratefulness by singing my heart out loud. Unfortunately, there was a time that I lost the passion to sing His praises especially during seasons of waiting & pruning. But of course, God would not allow a stagnant relationship so He directed me to this album.

I have been listening to this EP every morning for a month and I am not close to getting old of it. This album has encouraged me in many ways and it has brought back the spirit of worship that I somehow lost along a rocky season. I hope that in the same way, it will encourage you as well.

But as for me, I will sing about your power. Each morning I will sing with joy about your unfailing love.

Psalm 59:16

Countdown to #AHeadfullofDreams

There are a lot of people who love Coldplay as much as I do & I won’t claim to be their biggest fan even if I want to. Along with several other fans, I am waiting for their seventh album to drop. Just last week, clues have been sent all around the world, with posters being put up at train stations (or tubes para feeling Londoner) with a tentative date : December 4.


Last year the band hinted that this may be their “final” album (see article here) but I refuse to believe it. Maybe the end of an era, a reinvention, or I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine. Just not a finale finale. 

Since we are only a month shy from the seventh album, I want to share my favorite track for every Coldplay album. I am using the term “favorite” loosely because duh, I am a fan which means I like every song. 

Parachutes : Shiver 

It’s hard to choose from this album because you have Yellow, Sparks, Trouble. My simple reason why I chose this track is that I like singing it in the shower.

Lyrics that will cut you deep : “I’ll always be waiting for you” + “You know how much I need you but you never even see me, do you?”

A Rush of Blood to the Head : Green Eyes

I chose this song because of the Psalm reference : ” (Honey) you are the rock upon which I stand”.  I honestly don’t know why Coldplay loves putting biblical references in their songs (see Us Against the World & Till Kingdom Come)

Second/Third/Fourth in line: The Scientist/Clocks/Daylight/Warning Sign/etc etc. This is harder than I expected. Haha.

X & Y: Swallowed in the Sea

Besides Fix You, Swallowed in the Sea is also written for Gwyneth after her father’s passing. “You belong with me, not swallowed in the sea”--I cannot imagine how Gwyneth must have felt after hearing this line from her then-husband.

PS: I am still hoping for a reconciliation. Enough of the conscious uncoupling!

Bonus track : X & Y has Till Kingdom come!

Viva La Vida or Death and all his Friends : VIVA LA VIDA!

Of course!!!

Future wedding march : Lovers in Japan

Future pre-nuptial song : Life in Technicolor

Mylo Xyloto 

This is the trickiest because Mylo Xyloto is probably the album that I mostly listen to. BUT if I have to choose, it will probably be… Pass? This is super hard.


Okay, Charlie Brown. Only because I patterned my 25th birthday over their music video.


Ghost Stories : O

“Don’t ever let go”

Tbh, I was apprehensive about this album only because the transition from Mylo Xyloto to Ghost Stories is surprising. Day to Night, as they say.

Side story : I went to a  private listening party for Ghost Stories. It was a fun event & I get to personally hear their new album before it came out in the record stores. Check my experience here 

B-Sides : Gravity

I can clearly hear Will’s vocals in this song plus the music video is awesome!

This was a fun post. I want to hear your favorites, too! 🙂

PS: Just one more month!