This is the continuation of the entry I did five-six months ago (click here), where I sum up all the highlights of each month. I’ve been big on keeping notes of all the things I went through this year. I took daily videos, kept weekly notes throughout the year, and now this entry. I feel like I truly lived my 2017 and kept each day intact. No loopholes.

That being said, here’s how my months looked like.


I was still on a high from my Coldplay concert and a week after, I found out that I won two tickets to see the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg!! Days before the concert, I got another email saying they are giving me two more tickets. I was never lucky with raffles and for the first time ever, I won. But… Yes, the big “but”. 

Global Citizen Festival coincides with the G-20 event and the city wasn’t as safe as it was at the moment. My paranoid Filipino parents thought it was wise and best to stay at home. They even told us, “You already watched Coldplay and there’s a telecast!”. And because I am an obedient daughter aka I’m living under their roof and paying no bills, I gave in. G-20 was chaotic and I’m actually glad I stayed at home…. I realized this a day after.

It wasn’t all about missed opportunities though. I got my acceptance letter at the university where I am studying right now! I saw their email while on the train in Berlin, on our way home to Hamburg. I was with my Mom when I got the email and we were already having such a good day, just the two of us. The acceptance letter is the cherry on top of the cake.

It’s rare to have a personal time with my mom and this is a trip I’ll always cherish. Hope we could do this again in 2018.


I passed my German test which means, I am officially bilingual. I also finished my German classes and busied myself passing all the necessary documents to my university. It was such a stressful process because of the delayed release of my results but everything worked out in the end.

I also had more time hanging out with friends. Great timing too since it was summer and I can enjoy going out without freezing!

Abbie also pushed me to ride the rollercoaster when we went to Hamburger Dome. and I pushed her riding the high seesaw thing. True friendship.  We spent most of our money riding on all these other unnecessary rides but nevertheless, got the most fun out of it. It was a great day.


I started uni and recorded my first day here.


UNI kept me busy and the first few weeks were a struggle. I had to make so much effort in picking up information on all ten seminars while working on a presentation about a media theory that I have to do in German! I always underestimate myself though. I give myself less credit so when I was finally done with my presentation, waves of realization hit me. I am already where I’m supposed to be. God gave me the skills and I have to stop worrying. With a little time, I already accomplished a lot. I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.

And so the pressure went away. And away it went.

Another highlight of my month is seeing my second favorite band ever: Phoenix. I watched them four-five years ago back in Manila and the moment I learned about them coming to Hamburg, I immediately made plans. I was ready to go alone but fortunately, my previous German teacher now friend learned about my plans and decided to join me. She’s cool as hell.


My Mom had her operation, my church kept me as well busy, I was beginning to enjoy UNI and I had my first German interview at a big production company…

and I got accepted!


It was a spiritually fulfilling month for me as I end the year celebrating with my church family and our growing youth group. The church’s youth group is a baby amongst three hyperactive, willing-to-serve children of God. Seeing it grow in front of my eyes brought such a warm feeling and I know, this is what God intends for us, for me to do. I can’t wait to see it flourish in 2018.

2017 is another character building moment, leading up to the core of my being : serving Him.

I can’t serve God if I don’t recognize the gravity of His love, thus my 2014.

I can’t serve God if I’m impatient, my 2015 journey.

I can’t serve God if I have other idols, my 2016.

And I can’t serve God if I’m not selfless, my 2017.

See, my year is all about giving time, effort, and putting the needs of others above my own. I learned how to serve without grudges. I thank God for the opportunity especially at home to serve my parents willingly. With service comes understanding too and wisdom from God is truly a gift.

And even though 2017 is another trying moment for me and my family, especially with my Dad having a brain stroke and my Mama having her operation, I still consider these as a blessing because it was a family’s wake up call. I experienced disappointments too but kept my eyes focused on the Lord. I learned how to just lay it all down and offer the littlest of what I have… and yet God decided (and continue) to shower me with the biggest of what He has. What can I say? I serve an awesome God. 🙂

I am starting my 2018 with a big heart and I can’t wait to do what I’m called for. Happy New Year!





Plot Twist


I was actually having a tip-top week. I bought concert tickets for my second-favorite band, Phoenix, caught up with my teacher (whom I should start calling my friend now), had two group dinner with my language friends, worked productively, managed to lessen my social media habits, and had an afternoon with my church community. But life sometimes surprises you with plot twists which leave you wondering, where the hell did that come from? In my case… Saturday night.

I had to gather all my strength to be able to get out of bed since I have to do something exciting at my home church. By God’s grace, Sunday turned out well but as I am typing this now, the strange feeling is starting to creep in. Before it gets any worse, let me remind myself of how, in general, tip-top this week was.

Activity of the Week

International Pigging out. I must have tasted over five different cuisines this week: Peruvian, Brazilian, Korean (which is not new), Mediterranean, Japanese (also not new) and Indian. Being surrounded by ‘international’ friends do have its perks since if it were up to my habits, I’ll stick to the usuals.

Highlight # 1

Phoenix Tickets: Check!. It’s already set in stone. Now I’m just gonna count the days.

Highlight # 2

The supposed grill turned kitchen cookout.


Someone once told me that when you’re in a church community, you’ll gain pounds since all we do is eat, eat, eat. I’ve been to three-four different communities and all I can say is, this is one of the reasons why I run.

Highlight # 3

That one night that changed this week’s mood. As disheartening as this may be, it rightfully deserves this spot. I am trying to see the good in every situation and what follows are the results:

Lesson # 1

Embrace the bad sides. I’m painstakingly optimistic and it’s gonna take a lot from me to go on a day with black clouds hovering above my head. Life throws curveballs and I have to embrace it— and all the emotions that come with it. It is what makes me human. I allowed myself to feel shame, anger, pity, and disappointment all in one go. BUT..

Lesson # 2

…God’s grace is always available. We are not meant to stay and sulk. We have to get up and kick it out. Personally, I run and pick a preaching. The preaching I listened today hit home unintentionally, which I’m 100% sure is God’s doing. One should only learn to admit that he can’t really do anything better in a dark situation other than to run to God. The problems won’t magically disappear yet there is peace in knowing that God is looking after you and His grace is within reach.

Lesson # 3

Set aside your concerns and glorify God. The moment I stepped inside His home, I am no longer present but His spirit. It was definitely a hard work today but the moment I magnified God, everything just seems insignificant.

Rewarding moment of the Week

The posters we’ve been working hard for a couple of months have been set up! My babies ❤


Best Deal

GOT leak. I’m all for spoilers and actually read the plot leak a couple of weeks back BUT watching the episode still gave me chillzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Pun included

Image result for got season 7 episode 6 gif

Favorite GOT scene

Tormund and the Hound. I’m gonna be nice and leave it at that. #spoilernospoiler

Song of the Night

Listening to this song while ending this post. See you next week!


The year that was

2016 was probably the most gratifying year I’ve ever experienced due to the main fact that my patience reaped a big reward : finally realizing a childhood dream of coming home to a complete family. It wasn’t an easy journey but as cliché as it may sounds, the long road was worth it. My 2016 was equally spent in half : the first half in the Philippines and the rest in Hamburg. I’m glad I pushed myself in the very beginning to document each moment, random and big, that’s why I was able to come up with this year-end video I’m about to introduce.

My goal was to create something similar to those videos I see online, in the hopes of achieving a kick-ass, share-worthy video. With this goal in mind, I planned to show only the good stuff—travel videos, food, artistic shots, and all those beautiful aesthetics. It was very shallow, also impossible because first, I didn’t even plan on travelling and most importantly : it just wasn’t me. So I just stuck to what I do best : just showing who I really am. Unfiltered, random, happy, natural, lazy, bare.

Taking videos everyday was harder than I expected especially during the busy occasions of my year. It went from one-seconders a day to a few videos a week and then the big moments of the month. The editing was even harder since some of my videos weren’t properly shot and most of them were corrupted. But so as they say, the finished product makes every struggle useless and invisible. I’m glad I pushed myself to take as many videos as I could ’cause now, I have the great opportunity to look back and cherish every single moment as much as I want to. Now, I will always have a proof of those short moments in time that passed me by; even some that I insensitively forgot to cherish. I never knew a simple year-end video would bring a huge impact as I welcome a new year. This is a perfect reminder to appreciate every single thing in the present— the good, the bad, the normal, the nonsense.

To cut the long introduction, here’s my own reflection in video format.


My special number

When I was 22 years old, I told myself “I’m going to be at my peak once I reach 27”. It became my motivation to reach my best; I wanted to be physically beautiful and successful at the same time. It was coming out of a broken heart and jealousy. 3 years after, I met Jesus Christ. Having found my identity in Him, the idea of being my best self at 27 became an afterthought and sometimes a running joke between me and my friends. I still wanted to be at my best but this time, it was coming out of a healed heart and basically, I just wanted to take better care of myself. I looked forward to the day I’m going to reach 27 just to see if I’ll turn into the woman I was imagining to be.

Now, here I am.


Am I at my best? NO. 

Am I successful? Not yet. 

Am I physically fit? I’m trying. 

Is this where I am supposed to be? Definitely.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21

For years I held onto the idea of my ideal self but I know what truly matters now : being God’s best for His glory. I thank God for the pruning, for all the seasons of waiting, disappointments, the mountains, uprooting, convictions, and blessings. I’d like to believe that this is the peak that God wants for me. Having Him in my life is the best gift my 22-year old self can give my present self. I am excited to see what God has prepared for me in the years to come!

To end this, here’s a video of my friends surprising me.

Happy 27, self ❤

A letter from my old self to the future me

*the actual letter

I took a day off from my work today to do some spring-cleaning in my room. While I was cleaning out my desk, I found an old box containing letters from my friends, photographs, concert tickets, etc and I saw a very interesting one— a *letter from my old self for my future boyfriend.

I honestly forgot that it exists. If I’m not mistaken, it was written four/five years ago. It was an image of how lost I was before I met Jesus Christ. Back then, I was eager to meet someone who will see me through my partying, drinking, smoking, etc etc. I was ready to commit and give my heart to a person. I wanted saving.

Well, I did meet someone. Someone saw through my flaws. I gave my heart, not to a person but to God.  Jesus saved me & I surrendered at His feet.

I read the letter twice. I laughed and then looked back on where God took me to be where I am right now. I never saw my worth back then. My habits were damaging; I was damaged. But God orchestrated everything just so I could meet people who would lead me to Him. God met me where I was: damaged, flawed, lost, and broken. He must have really loved me because through it all, He called me.

I threw the letter into the bin but not before taking one last photo ’cause I know this is going to be another great testimony of how Jesus redeems people. Jesus is the only one who can truly change and save lives. When He said, “I make all things new”, He was true to His word.

I may come across a few other things that will remind me of my old self but I will always look at it with a grateful heart. Some might say that you just have to forget the past but I won’t. I will always remember who I was; I’m just only turning my back on old ways. I thank God for redeeming me, for showing me how precious I am, and for loving me unconditionally.

So I guess I have to make a new letter now. 😉

The Sunday Currently 9

The Sunday Currently.png
Bridesmaid bouquet at my cousin’s wedding last Sunday.

My longtime friend, Rebecca, recently passed the Board Exam & she’s now a full-pledged architect. Bex has been studying/working for 10 years and we rarely get to see her because she’s either reviewing or working on an architectural plan in a far area. Last night, we got together and celebrated this milestone. It feels so great to see all her hard work paying off & I’m sure that this is just the beginning of a far greater success.

Sobrang kulit lang at ang galing nitong kaibigan ko. I know soon this will be a reality.

Today I woke up in her room and was caught off guard by what I saw in the midst of the architectural chaos.

I even notice these post-its scattered across her bedroom.

She told me she wrote those to remind her of God especially when she’s discouraged. What an inspiration!!! It was such a humbling experience to witness my friend declaring God’s Word and surrounding herself with it. Through my friend, I was gently reminded of the God we are all serving and it fortified the hope I have in my heart. Bonus din because God surprised me and showed that my friend is growing her faith in Christ. I’m so happy God surrounded me with friends who love God. ❤

Now since I got that one important thought out, here are the other things I’m currently into.


the book of Ruth and planning to start Gillian Flynn’s book.


to Hillsong Worship playlist on Spotify.


This and a sample e-mail draft to the Embassy.


Snail facial mask from Korea + the additional meds for my face.


American Crime Story and the OJ Simpson docu on CNN. I can get easily fixated on a random topic and this month is all about OJ!


for my best friend’s application.


for a love-filled week.


this weekend with my friends and the preaching I just heard today. According to the pastor, love is unconditional, sacrificial, and eternal. It is completely impossible for us to achieve this kind of love and only Jesus can love unconditionally, sacrificially, and eternally. Our part is to continue to abide in Jesus, to walk in faith and let Jesus teach us how to love others.


to lose the pounds. This is it.

Looking forward to

Coldplay’s Superbowl performance tomorrow!!!!!!!!! I’m sure they’re gonna kill it


inspired, grateful, and sleepy.

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Dare to Believe : Prayer & Fasting 2016

I go through fasting from time to time especially if I feel that my spiritual antenna is weakening; all because of my laziness, disobedience, and getting caught up with my worries. I fast because I want to be in tune with God’s voice and when I have to pray for a specific leading. Let me tell you, fasting really works! It is foolproof & not only because of the breakthroughs and answered prayers that came out of fasting (which happens) but more simply because God says so.

“So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and petition, in fasting, and in sackcloth and ashes”

Daniel 9:3, NIV

This time though, I fasted together with thousands of people. Victory’s fasting period happens twice a year : at the beginning of the year (5-day fast) & during the middle (3-day fast). I usually join the mid-year fasting because circumstances have blocked me from joining the “first” fasting. Fortunately this year, I was able to complete my 5-day fast. Thank you, Jesus!

Surprisingly, this fasting never gave me a hard time in comparison to my previous fasts. I looked back at my faith goals last year and realized that all of my prayers have been answered! Some that I’ve already forgotten that I’ve prayed for but were crucial.

Untitled design
Excuse my handwriting

I am glad for these breakthroughs but more than anything, I am thankful for the pruning and the building of my character. When I decided to know Jesus more last year, all the burden have been lifted off of my shoulder and I began to see a greater purpose which is bigger than my own understanding.

This year on the other hand, I am praying bold prayers. This 5-day fast gave me so much encouragement and audacious faith to stand on the promises of God. I am believing for greater things! My visa? Yes in Christ Jesus! Household salvation? AMEN AND AMEN! Chains be broken in Jesus’ name. This generation, the next, the future generation and even up to the last will bow down to name of Jesus Christ!

Yesterday, the Lord even gave me the impression that I already have His promises in my hand—all I have to do is to obey in faith and spread His gospel. I even dreamed that God was telling me that He holds my future and I only have to be concerned with what’s happening now. Tomorrow is HIS. 

Today I am ending my fasting period but not my journey in seeking Jesus more. I will continue to walk in His ways and put Him first & above all. By His grace, I know magagawa ko yun. 

To end, let me share you two verses which gave me a lot of hope as I fasted.

“Our God, will you not judge them? For we have no power to face this vast army that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.”

2 Chronicles 20:12

18 Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him, “So shall your offspring be.” 19 Without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact that his body was as good as dead—since he was about a hundred years old—and that Sarah’s womb was also dead. 2Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, 21 being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.

Romans 4:18-21, NIV


Be still my heart

The best and most-fitting word I can use to sum up my 2015 would be this golden, four-letter verb : WAIT.  My patience has been tested for the past couple of years (I should have really gotten used to it by now) but 2015 was hands down, the hardest.

I had a clear plan of what my 2015 was going to look like. I already visualized it and hoped it would come to fruition but unfortunately, it didn’t materialize. The changes threw me off and redirected me to a harder, longer route. Basically, it’s like this :

Honestly, I am already aware that this is how often God works but it’s totally different when you are IN the situation.

The stress of fixing my papers, submitting my application, the interviews, my classes, and the phone calls surprisingly didn’t get to me; I was motivated to get everything done. What set me off was when the only option I have, the only roadblock that separates me from my family was to wait. It will be easier if I am given a specific waiting period but in my case, I am left with nothing. I really couldn’t do anything but to be still.

The circumstances weren’t favorable, too. Refugee crisis, terrorist attacks, visas on temporary hold, etc.  I tried my luck on temporary work but the most convenient I could find still gave me no motion. All opportunities pointed to one place : HERE. It’s as if I am told to stay in a corner and wait for my name to be called until God knows when.

Even though a chunk of my year was spent on waiting, there were exciting highlights too. I went to Prague, watched BSB live, became an English teacher, and found a new home church! Not to mention the character-building experiences God brought my way. My dependence on Jesus grew, my trust fortified, my generosity renewed, and my acts of service developed. My family also became more open to Jesus and I get to witness transformation–I would have missed out on this if my plans prevailed. It also opened doors of opportunities for me to share the gospel. See, I may have been told to be still but it doesn’t mean I have to be passive.

I do not know where I’m headed this 2016 but I’m certain God will be there and His promises will be fulfilled—I can feel it. I look forward to finishing this race I started this 2015 and I know, all the waiting will be worth it.

Happy New Year! Frohes Neues Jahr! ❤