What’s on your list?

entry xi(1)

It seems like I’m unconsciously forming this habit of posting entries every two weeks… not that everyone aka my random viewers mind. In case that you really care, here’s what I’ve been currently up to.


Reference materials for my Hausarbeit. My next step is to start writing, which I should be doing now but will wait for the christmas break to do it. Or, will probably start next year and cram.


to a random video my brother is watching.


of my Christmas wishlist. I actually wrote down a couple of things and sent the list to my older brother, to which he replied, “Do you want me to buy everything?”. They were basically cheap and just personal necessities. His reply got me thinking, should I wish for something special? A bag, shoes, shirt, perhaps? But then again, I don’t need those. I don’t want them. 

My younger brother asked about it too, and told him he can just go and buy me a colored ink for my printer. “Eine Tinte? Heh?”, my baffled brother replied. I mean, should I wish for something else then? Should Christmas gifts have to be extravagant?

This is personally not a big of a deal but since my list is questioned, I am pressured to think and write one. If it were up to me, I would just write a list of the things I do not want to receive, namely shoes, clothes, jewelry, fancy bag. That wouldn’t be such a bad idea, aint it?


gifts for Christmas. This is what I really like to do.


the nightly boardgames at home. From Chess to Dama to Quiz Nights.


how these boardgames bring out the nasty competitiveness in the family. In the middle of our games, there’ll always be bullying, shouting, arguing, etc etc. My father had to act as the referee all the time. Don’t worry though, the competitiveness ends when the game ends. Still, our game gets serious.


Black Mirror. I’m three seasons late


a Swiss cheese fondue. Me and my small group had dinner last Tuesday at our prayer group’s leader’s house. She wanted to do something special and prepared a lovely cheese fondue for us first timers. Being the Asian that I am, I asked for meat. No shame!

Looking forward to

  1. the christmas break in two weeks! I can finally sleep and hopefully, run!!!!

   2. Tomorrow’s buffet! We are celebrating my Papa’s 60th birthday and it’s our tradition to spend it at a buffet. Haha

I wish I could write more of what I’ve been up to but I’ve got an early start tomorrow and should be sleeping right now. So, see you in two weeks…. which is Christmas!!!!




entry xi

When I say stuffed, this has not only to do how much I’ve been stuffing my self lately with food but also how packed my schedule was and actually, will be from now on. There’s so much on my plate right now but I honestly don’t feel burdened by it. I can say I’m very fulfilled.

Among other things, here’s what I’m currently in and up to.


Bethel Music. Been playing Ever Be a couple of times now because it’s true, His praise will ever be on my lips.


Der Tatortreiniger. The 20-minute episodes are good for pre-sleep/Deutschverbesserung activity.

Catching up on

Mr. Robot Season 3. Hello Elliot, you sexy hacker


Follow Me!. I’m reading this for my baby thesis.


Green tea. I’m relying on it after eating so much today.


old tricks from my previous job. I’m so glad I paid attention to our programming department back in Solar since I’m doing the similar job here in Hamburg. It pays to be a curious cat!


Bloated. I  ran for twenty minutes yesterday and I walked half of it. I felt so heavy! Haha. The last time I ran was two weeks ago and I clearly remembered that I walked half of it too. I kinda lost my running habits ever since UNI started plus winter ain’t a good motivator. The holiday’s coming so I’m gonna let go until then.



Bethel Youth’s Worship Night. My prayer group leader and friend invited me to this Worship Night in her church but she wasn’t able to join me ’cause of Thanksgiving. Nonetheless, I went and experienced first-hand a very lively worship night headed by the African community. Let me share one powerful statement from the Pastor,

“We are living like lambs even though we are created to roar like a lion.”


my Ello account. In case you’re on it, follow me by clicking here.



My sleeping habits. I recently started working in a production company (an answered prayer!) which is at least an hour away from where I live. I even have to take a regional train going there! But Lord, I’m not complaining.

This also means that I have to wake up early and avoid staying up late. This is never a big problem of mine since I’m often asleep before midnight. The only thing is, I am always sleepy when I get home after a long day. I am already in bed around 8-9pm and find myself waking up after midnight! I counted the hours and figured that my body got so used to the 6-7 sleeping hours. Knowing my sleeping routine well, I can now adjust so I could wake up on time.

Now that we’re talking about sleeping, guess this has to do for now. Have a great week!

entry xi.png

The dark, cold days are back and even though winter is such a gloomy season, there are a couple of things happening around me that put me in such a festive mood. Which is kinda great as well since the holiday is just around the corner. And before I get ahead of myself, here are the things that I’m currently up to.


Cucina d’Elisa. My friend, Abbie, and I went to this fancy Italian restaurant to celebrate her birthday and we definitely got our money’s worth. They also gave a generous serving of cheese and this is why I recommend this place. Cheese = Homerun.


Thor: Ragnarok/Tag der Entscheidung. Marvel is going to the more-comedy-less-action direction and I don’t know how to feel about this. Nonetheless, Thor was great and hella (pun-intended for those who have seen Thor) entertaining.


Our church’s 3rd Youth Group Session. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a photo of our session today but I’m just really thankful that God gave us/me this opportunity to serve Him again and again. The cup indeed overflows.


Stickers. I want to fill my laptop with stickers! PS: if you’re my friend who reads this, you know now what you can give me for Christmas.


Ich kann nicht schlafen. I have to finish this before I work on my baby thesis for this semester.


Html, CSS, Metadaten. I have atleast three programming-heavy classes and I need all the help I could get. That being said, I have to check tomorrow’s HTML practice.


for my e-bay package. I bought a new RAM in the hopes of speeding up my computer since it is a more practical decision instead of buying a Mac. But then.


a MacBook Pro. I’m just in love with the touch pad! It’s, of course, expensive and knowing my stingy self, I don’t know if I can shell out the amount once I have saved it. Let’s seeeee


to get back to my running routine. I haven’t been running for the past two months as regularly as before and I feel myself getting thinner (because of UNI) and sometimes heavier (because of stress eating). Basically, unhealthy habits. I haven’t even done a long run since I only do short 20-30 minutes run at the moment. I should really get back to my good running habits else I can’t run the marathon next year.


for my Wednesday presentation. This one I have to do with my Filipino friend/classmate and after this, I don’t have to worry about any presentations this semester since I AM DONE! Yaas. Well except this 5-minute presentation in English but still, I AM DONE. I could put all my energy into writing my baby thesis.

Thankful for

an answered prayer. I got hired by a production company this week! I am really excited to start working in three weeks cause when I visited the office for an interview, all my pent-up passion started overflowing. It is when I truly realized that being in the TV/creative industry is what I wanted to do. I thought I lost this passion when I quit my job a few years back and again, this whole German thing but once I stepped into this familiar surrounding, I knew I was home again. Even simply seeing the videotapes, equipment and editing bay gave me so much joy. I’m actually more inspired to finish my German degree! I’m just gonna power through for the next three years as easily as possible, without putting pressure on myself… all while working in a place where I really see myself in the future. Win-win!!

I just want to give thanks to my Father in Heaven for making all of these possible. I’m just happy to have a Lord who rightfully deserves all the praise and glory because of who He is and yet honors the desires of my heart as well. One of the reasons why I continue to walk in the path He showed me even though it gets really tough at most. Our God is an awesome God!

Looking forward to

the new episodes of my series. 


the sunday currently.png

This website lacks consistency and in as much as I’m a firm believer of  uniformity, I sometimes break my self-regulated rules. Here’s what I’m up to these days aka back to my Sunday Currently format.


The new season of The Voice of Germany. This was actually the first German series I watched when I got here and I’m watching it this time with a better German knowledge. Wohoooo


Dua Lipa’s New Rules. I’m late to the party!


Some German communication theory I need for tomorrow.


How to build a website. We’re expected to build a website by the end of the second semester for my IT class. I’m gonna survive this by watching youtube tutorials. Gotta do what you gotta do.


This man singing Feuerwehr.


For presentations this week.  1. Tomorrow for my Media Theory class  and 2.  on Wednesday for my Communication & Presentation seminar. Both in German.


for a call. I had a job interview this week and I really have a good feeling about this. Waiting part is always the hardest.


for stress-free school week. Like I’ve said, I’ve got to present tomorrow and I just really want to finish it once and for all. I just hope I would be able to do it well.


my parents’ company. We’re all watching The Voice in our living room and it feels like “home” again since everyone’s nusy these past couple of weeks.


A new board game, Colt Express. All thanks to my friends from language school! IMG_0227Looking

for a restaurant for my friend’s birthday dinner.

hi, Abbie! I hope you’re reading this after November 1. Haha

Praying for

my mom’s operation on Friday. Keep her in your prayers too 🙂

Looking forward to

This week’s movie date with my friends (we’re watching IT in German whaat), Friday’s hangout/moveout with my church friends and a work-free weekend!

So far, this is what I’ve been up to or basically, what I can remember as of this moment. So much has happened. Anyway, I’m gonna sleep early and run tomorrow. I want to be completely ready for my presentation. It was honestly such a pain in the a. I’ll let you know how it goes. Have a great week!




My internet-free week

I am typing this entry while sitting at my neighbor’s couch because well, you’ve read it already: I am having an obligatory internet-free week. By obligatory I mean, our router gave up and our service provider shamefully decides to delay repair. I mean come on, sending repair after a week?

I can actually bear a week without internet but we had an official holiday this week— which could have been nicely spent watching movies and series. My seminars/assignments/pdfs are all online which also gave me such a hassle. The only good thing I can get out of this situation is the fact that my little brother finally had a break. He’s a computer addict, he needs it.

I cannot do my usual sunday post since I don’t have the luxury of typing a detailed entry but let me share three photos:


I saw Phoenix again after three years!!!!!!! I’m having an awesome fan year. Coldplay and Phoenix in a span of four months.



Thomas Mars did his usual crowdsurfing and it took me awhile to react when he passed in front of me. He never gets old.



That was one packed month and it flew quickly.


I believe I’m overextending my stay at my neighbor’s place so I have to slowly finish everything I’m doing online. See you next time!

My head full of dreams

The basics of.png

My (relatively) bum days are finally over! I would call this week that passed an adjustment period and at the same time, making the most out of the free time I have. As usual, let me round up my week’s highlights.

Movie of the Week

Isch kandidiere. It was a recommendation from someone in my class and I surprisingly enjoyed watching it. Quite timely too since today (Sunday, September 24) is Germany’s national election. Here’s the trailer :

and speaking of elections…

Most appalling

Germany’s far right party AfD (Alternative fur Deutschland), got 13,5 percent of predicted votes… which basically translates to racism. I can’t believe we live in a world where we normalize and tolerate racism. These 13,5% never learned from the Nazis and the same way that some Filipinos never learned from Martial Law. History is being rewritten and heading to destruction.

okay happy thoughts happy thoughts

New beginnings

Balik-aral. I love to learn but I’m not really the studying type. Yet this is where I’m heading in my new home I call Hamburg.

The strangest

Dreaming in German. Two straight weeks of dreaming in German and each time, I felt like I was watching German movies I often watch.  This is, of course, a good sign of fluency (according to people and unscientific internet articles) but on the other hand, the language is following me even in my sleep!! I have to work a lot on my communication skills and I look forward to speaking the language without hesitation and fumbling through my vocabulary.


Chikas of the weeks

Kylie Jenner is pregnant! Popoy found her Basha-g!!  Why am I shouting?!!

Most Productive Day

Friday. No, I didn’t have a Friday-night-out but I stayed in (as always) and fixed important documents. I also applied to five-six different jobs, printed materials for our children’s church and edited a video for my brother’s girlfriend. Yes, all in one whole day!

The *2nd-cheesiest video I’ve ever edited


It’s a given that I’m the go-to person when someone in the family needs a video presentation or photoshop problems or general computer questions etc etc. My brother asked me to make a video for his gf’s birthday last Friday and worked with some of the photos/videos he gave me. It was honestly a cringey process since that’s my Kuya!!! Haha.  I was just laughing in between. The photo above is a screenshot since that’s invasion of privacy but believe me when I tell you, it’s hella cheese.

*The cheesiest video I’ve ever edited was the one I made for my ex ten thousand years ago (jk in highschool) and I used Windows Movie Maker with Daniel Bedingfield’s If you’re not the one as the background.

Kilig of the week

I watched this proposal video today before I went to church and wow! This is really the goal. Someday, I’m gonna find someone who loves God first and we’re gonna honor Him together. It has always been a part of my non-negotiables but being single for quite a longggg time makes you think of changing some just to accommodate what’s available. Hahaha but I thank God for convicting me every time and telling me to wait. If this happened to her, it’s gonna happen to me. Besides, who’s in a hurry? #grabstissueandcry #ikidddd

Why am I suddenly getting so emotional? Okay back to highlights

Most relaxed day

Saturday. The German family I babysit for is on a vacation which means, I finally have a free Saturday!! I went to hang out with my friend Abbie, went grocery shopping, prepared materials for the kids’ church, and sang songs from the 90s. It was a fun, chill day.

It was also a white-shirt-day

1st Highlight of the Week

My university’s orientation week. Check out my previous posts. 😉

2nd Highlight of the Week

Children’s Church and Church’s Potluck. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve Him through my new home church! The years I spent serving for the toddler’s ministry back in the Philippines make so much sense now that I’m helping out with the children’s liturgy. Our church also had this annual potluck event and the turnout was really great! Blessed to have fruitful fellowships over the years.

3rd Highlight of the Week

As I’ve said, I had a very productive Friday. I was finally able to finish editing my two months delayed video from July aka Coldplay concert. I actually started editing it last month and left it hanging. I was in the work-mood so I breezed through the editing process, and here it is! Enjoy the short video.

What I’m looking forward to this coming week

PHOENIX CONCERT! My voice is ready.

I’m gonna go back now to listening to the news… or watching a something on Netflix. Let’s see. Till next Sunday!



First Day High: Reality

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
Keeping this photo for future throwbacks. Filed under first-day.
Day 1 done! Now let’s compare how my first-day-of-UNI expectations are met.




I didn’t arrive at the campus thirty minutes earlier but in a pure German fashion: on time. Thanks and no thanks to Google Map, I was able to find the right direction to my campus but wasn’t a shortcut. My classmates and I walked to the station after orientation, and they were able to show me the shorter route.




Exactly what I expected.




I didn’t have a headache but I put so much effort into staying awake between talks. I was just sleepy the whole morning. We were divided into small groups after the morning talks and met the people I’ll be with the whole semester. Man, they speak really fast. I do however understand them but when everyone’s speaking at the same pace and at the same time, I’m just out there close to shutting down, trying hard to pick up every information. But hey, it’s just the first day. I will get used to this setting. Kopf Hoch!




I didn’t feel any pressure after today since I concentrated on understanding everything. I only know that some of my classes will be highly graded on participation so I really should start working on my skillzzz. I have to deliberately use the language even at home since normally, I just talk to my brother in German (that’s basically his first language) and a few sentences with my family. That’s why as soon as I got home, I was just speaking in German non-stop to my parents’ surprise. I also didn’t speak any English today which is an accomplishment! But wait, do writing this entry and texting a friend count?




I talked to a couple of new people today but I’m not sure if we are friends-friends. Here’s a good news, however : THERE IS A FILIPINO IN MY CLASS! I repeat: I HAVE A FILIPINO CLASSMATE. He grew up in Germany, which means he can’t really speak in Tagalog, but I’ll still take it!! Ah, God really loves me.




I just followed where everyone went.

Generally speaking, today was good despite the difficulties. Somehow it’s a good thing since I’ve painted a picture of what to expect instead of being there with an I’ll-wing-it attitude. I will get used to this new environment and it would be a personal achievement if my language skills are fully integrated to a university level…. without me dozing off in between.




First Day High: Expectations

Two weeks ago, the German family I babysit for gave me a gift: a Schultüte. Schultüte is a German tradition where parents give their kids a giant cone filled with school supplies and candies on their first day of elementary. My German Mama thought it was just apt that I get one since I’m starting my Uni.


Yes, two weeks and I haven’t opened it. My self-control is impressive, I am even shocked. My first day officially starts tomorrow and I am in no way prepared since I thought it begins in two weeks. That’s why here I am now, typing all my anxiety away. The only thing that excites me is opening this Schultüte tomorrow morning.

I’m also having this 500 Days of Summer thing where I keep imagining scenarios in my head and wondering how it unravels tomorrow. For clear reference :

Let me share some of my expectations and I’ll check tomorrow whether it was close to what I imagined.

  1. The route to my campus

    I plan to take the shortest route with three train changes other than the ten-minute longer route with two train changes. I have never visited my campus so I want to leave thirty minutes earlier in case I get lost. I also have to look for the orientation room so I’m hoping there’ll be signs in the campus.  Basically, I see myself tomorrow pretending to know the way even if I have 0% clue.

  2. Lost for words

    I’m taking a German degree and up until now, I question this decision (hahahaha). Even though people have been complimenting me on my German skills, I don’t feel at all confident. My comprehension skills are, on the other hand, in its best shape so thank God that’s something I can count on.

  3. A headache at the end of the day

    German is still relatively new to me so it isn’t up to par with my English or even Tagalog. (Fun Fact: I got low grades on all of my Filipino classes.) I am even listening to the news right now while typing this just so I could prepare my brain for one whole day of German. I must concentrate to avoid mistranslation. Ah, thinking about it is already giving me a headache. I bet I’ll be exhausted after tomorrow.

  4. Pressure

    I haven’t received my schedule for the first semester other than the list of my 11 lectures. I looked over it this week and the modules were pretty overwhelming for someone like me. I want to take it with a grain of salt, but the overthinker in me is stronger. Tomorrow we’ll be getting the full picture of how my degree looks like and I can feel my stomach already churning up.

  5. One new friend

    I’m optimistic: I think I’ll meet a new person tomorrow and of course, I’ll befriend her (or him, who knows?). One new person is enough for me. That’s me being realistic. 

  6. Fly on the wall

    Thanks to my height, I can go unnoticed in Hamburg. I also don’t have a special wow factor, so that’s not gonna be a problem. I’ll take the backseat for the first few months until I jell into this new environment.

At the beginning of this entry, I was only excited about opening my Schultüte but now, I can’t wait to see when my expectations meet its reality. I better go to sleep now and let tomorrow do its work.

Wish me luck and I’ll be back tomorrow!



Word game

The basics of(1).jpg

I usually do a rundown of my week’s highs and lows but now I’m gonna do it a little differently. So here are the eight words that resonated to me during the past two weeks.


They say Germans place a high value on punctuality but don’t believe everything you hear. Punctuality is relative. Case in point: My German test result was two weeks delayed, which almost cost me my place at the university. If this happened in the Philippines, I would’ve just shrugged it off since tardiness is in our nature but this is Germany. Who knew the word “late” exist in their crazy bureaucracy?


Good thing I have a God who doesn’t have the word delay in His book. I considered it as a last roadblock in order for me to be in that place of fully trusting God’s timing of things. I received my test results after my time of worship and good things really happen when you just praise His name. It is you declaring that whatever happens, He will remain who He says He is.


Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (Galatians 6:9)

In layman’s terms : kill them with kindness. When people hurt/shame/bully you, do not retaliate. Don’t fight fire with fire. Instead, turn the other cheek. Keep doing good. Show them love. But don’t forget to stand up for yourself. Hold your ground and do it gently. Do it with love. Don’t stop doing good. It doesn’t make you a coward.


Now release the anger, the frustration, the hurt, the disappointments. It doesn’t belong to you. Get a trusted friend you can rant to, I’m lucky I have two.


Coming from a close-knit family, my core values are obviously family-centered. In as much as I rank my family as a top priority (other than God which btw doesn’t belong to any rank since He’s above everything haha), they can also be my biggest source of heartbreak. But then again at the end of the day, balibaligtarin ko man ang mundo, family is family.


The weather this week has been depressing, which also affected my mood. I just didn’t want to move at all and just watch dark movies on the internet. I turned to chocolates and chips. I didn’t even run and “blamed” it on my knee problems/pulled muscle, even though I know I could push myself and just run slower. Thank goodness this was just a one-week phase. I am assuming this feeling will creep up again since you know, winter’s coming.

Image result for winters coming meme gif


I’m glad I can finally laugh about how silly I was for imagining the what ifs since now it’s clear, this is definitely not the one for me. Thanks for the butterflies though. The scenarios in my head were fun till it lasted.


noun. ( PEH-teeks). Definition: [a] Doing nothing or resting when one is supposed to be busy working.









Plot Twist


I was actually having a tip-top week. I bought concert tickets for my second-favorite band, Phoenix, caught up with my teacher (whom I should start calling my friend now), had two group dinner with my language friends, worked productively, managed to lessen my social media habits, and had an afternoon with my church community. But life sometimes surprises you with plot twists which leave you wondering, where the hell did that come from? In my case… Saturday night.

I had to gather all my strength to be able to get out of bed since I have to do something exciting at my home church. By God’s grace, Sunday turned out well but as I am typing this now, the strange feeling is starting to creep in. Before it gets any worse, let me remind myself of how, in general, tip-top this week was.

Activity of the Week

International Pigging out. I must have tasted over five different cuisines this week: Peruvian, Brazilian, Korean (which is not new), Mediterranean, Japanese (also not new) and Indian. Being surrounded by ‘international’ friends do have its perks since if it were up to my habits, I’ll stick to the usuals.

Highlight # 1

Phoenix Tickets: Check!. It’s already set in stone. Now I’m just gonna count the days.

Highlight # 2

The supposed grill turned kitchen cookout.


Someone once told me that when you’re in a church community, you’ll gain pounds since all we do is eat, eat, eat. I’ve been to three-four different communities and all I can say is, this is one of the reasons why I run.

Highlight # 3

That one night that changed this week’s mood. As disheartening as this may be, it rightfully deserves this spot. I am trying to see the good in every situation and what follows are the results:

Lesson # 1

Embrace the bad sides. I’m painstakingly optimistic and it’s gonna take a lot from me to go on a day with black clouds hovering above my head. Life throws curveballs and I have to embrace it— and all the emotions that come with it. It is what makes me human. I allowed myself to feel shame, anger, pity, and disappointment all in one go. BUT..

Lesson # 2

…God’s grace is always available. We are not meant to stay and sulk. We have to get up and kick it out. Personally, I run and pick a preaching. The preaching I listened today hit home unintentionally, which I’m 100% sure is God’s doing. One should only learn to admit that he can’t really do anything better in a dark situation other than to run to God. The problems won’t magically disappear yet there is peace in knowing that God is looking after you and His grace is within reach.

Lesson # 3

Set aside your concerns and glorify God. The moment I stepped inside His home, I am no longer present but His spirit. It was definitely a hard work today but the moment I magnified God, everything just seems insignificant.

Rewarding moment of the Week

The posters we’ve been working hard for a couple of months have been set up! My babies ❤


Best Deal

GOT leak. I’m all for spoilers and actually read the plot leak a couple of weeks back BUT watching the episode still gave me chillzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Pun included

Image result for got season 7 episode 6 gif

Favorite GOT scene

Tormund and the Hound. I’m gonna be nice and leave it at that. #spoilernospoiler

Song of the Night

Listening to this song while ending this post. See you next week!