Update for the interested

My english is slowly deteriorating, all thanks to writing a 10-page paper in German and speaking in Tagalog non-stop. I may have put this entry off for a couple of times ’cause its hard for me to write and think in three languages all at the same time. But now, I can do that since I’ve got a free day and no paper to write! So quick updates for those who are interested.

#1 I can finally smell again!

I had a sinus operation a month ago and I’m on the last phase of my recovery. The first two weeks were terrible, the following two were bearable. On several occasions, I told people, myself included, how I regret having that operation. Now not anymore. I can finally appreciate the advantages of my operations like let’s say… finally smelling things. I have gotten used to the idea of having a bad sense of smell for so long, nonchalantly accepted it even. However this improvement I’m experiencing right is definitely worth the terrible post op nosebleeds  etc etc. It will still take another month for everything to switch back to its renewed state plus routine checks every three months after today, but hell yeah, I have a new nose!!!

Another win : it’s winter and my nose isn’t blocked anymore!

Bildergebnis für black panther gif celebrate

#2 I survived my first semester

That’s right. Yo girl survived six months of seminars, five papers, four presentations and one exam. One down, five to go. Can someone give me a pat on the back?

Bildergebnis für black panther gif celebrate

#3 Officially a regular employee

I’m apparently doing a fine job and I continue to do so since I like where I’m working right now. I honestly can’t handle a stressful job on top of  everything plus I have a super nice boss, what’s more to ask?

#4 Joy in this new season

The beginning of the year has been nothing but awesome, despite a few drawbacks (like my operation because that wasn’t honestly a joyful experience haha). My brothers and I are getting along really well and we’ve actually grown closer, which is THE BEST. My brother moved out of the house as well which means I’m now the eldest at home, that equates to my parents watching my every move. More importantly, this is a good time for me to build my relationship with my parents and it’s going really well. I can’t honestly ask for more besides … heheh

By the way, I’m currently obsessed with Black Panther, hence the gifs. One last to end this post:

Bildergebnis für black panther gif wakanda forever