The Sunday Currently : Remember


I knew right from the start that starting a new chapter abroad will be difficult and trying to say the least. However, one can never be too prepared for the weight of the challenges that came along with it. I found myself getting lost; forgetting who I was because I was too preoccupied with observing how people behave, how things work , how to adapt, and the whole idea of adjustment. I was swimming too far from the shore, desperate to reach my goal (or whatever is out there), to the point of drowning.. until I just stopped, floated for a bit, and focused my sight on something that I have unfortunately neglected : the Lighthouse which has been guiding me all along.

I remember once again why I am here and who I really am for.


Greg’s Tagebuch von Idioten umzingelt. I decided to read more to build my German vocabulary, eventhough reading a whole chapter takes me atleast day. I have to start somewhere, right?


to Joshua Radin’s Everything will be alright. Fitting.


my usual series (The Mindy Project, You’re the Worst, HTGWM, AHS: Roanoke, Modern Family) plus two German programs : Supertalent and The Voice of Germany!


For my family’s relationships.


for the sun to come out this week. I used to hate the weather back in the Philippines but now I miss it. It’s true when they say you never know what you got until it’s gone.


an appointment to the Hautartz ’cause my acne problems are very stressful.

Looking forward to

the answer to the most important question of the year : WHO DIED ON THE WALKING DEAD? My money’s on Glenn and Abraham.

negan walking dead


contented and grateful.