The Sunday Currently: Contentment



Today’s supposedly a lazy Sunday but  I’m figuring some productive things to do today rather than lie all day in bed. My mother told me to just relax but I’m itching to do otherwise. I am quite surprised myself how active I am since I got here. Now here’s what I’ve been up to lately.


NOTHING! Do my German reference books count?


The Coffeehouse Playlist on Spotify. Lost Boy by Ruth B is currently playing.


This. My last entry was three months ago!


GMA’s Encantadia! I ironically watch more Filipino program now that I’m living abroad. I seldom watch teleseryes (except OTWOL) back in the PH and more US Series. Now, I’ve got no time to watch my US series 😦 I’m so late on Stranger Things and Mr. Robot Season 2!!!! I hope I’d find the time to catch up on those soon before The Walking Dead comes back this September!!


For our everyday guidance especially that Europe (and the word in general) has gone nuts lately.


for our daily provision—never in lack, always enough.


more time to catch up on my series.

Looking forward to

a family vacation. I just hope that my parents get to relax from work. Hopefully, it’ll happen soon.


very, very contented.

I hope you’re all having a great Sunday! Cheers wherever you are ❤

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My desert story

I wanted to share my testimony of patience and endurance but I couldn’t figure how to say it the right way without blabbering. Therefore, let me just give you an almost-detailed timeline of this long and trying season of mine.

Me, figuratively. Illustration by my good friend.

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