What now?

I am a big series buff and I take my series seriously. So when most of my series ended one by one, I’m left with the question: What now?

I usually move quickly to a new series after one ends but this time, I’ve got (almost) no shows left to move on to. Again the question, “What now ver. 2?” 

Disclaimer : I’m spewing spoilers here so if you haven’t watched any of the finales, better stop.


Welcome back.

So just allow me to entertain you (and myself, actually) by venting out some of my frustrations about the finales, my shows ending, and waiting in general.

I’ll begin with Mr. Robot.

I don’t know why I didn’t watch this series early on! I waited months after the series concluded and binge-watched all episodes. It was thrilling! I actually had an idea about Mr. Robot and  Elliot being one and the same since Fight Club taught me well. What I didn’t see coming is the fact that Elliot and Darlene are siblings! The episodes prior to this reveal brought gazillion questions and suspicions in my head. Man, that twist was awesome. Also, great casting!

The finale kept me on the edge of my seat (or bed because I was lying down) and I’m pretty sure the next season is going to be bigger. Why I am confident?  If the psycho guy went missing, expect the best/worst scenario. Oh and the wife..

Next, Narcos.

Again, why didn’t I watch this early on? But better late than never, right?!

The most distinctive qualities of this show are the casting and the actual clips from the news. For a moment, I felt compassion for Pablo Escobar despite his heinous crimes; it goes to show how the actor portrayed Pablo very well. He gave him humanity but not for long because well, Pablo Escobar is one, bad man. The finale wasn’t as exciting as the penultimate episode but fitting for Pablo’s downfall.

How to get away with Murder

I really thought Annalise and Wes are blood-related. I was so convinced they were but.. Shonda must’ve probably seen the theories on reddit and laughed while reading them. I’m betting half of my savings on Frank shooting Wes’s daddy

House of Cards

Omygoodness, THIS SEASON IS BONKERS. I replayed the finale four times just to soak it in. Francis and Claire were talking about creating fear instead of being afraid. Ahhh just visualizing it makes me so giddy. For reference,

I loved the new characters/the Underwood’s competition and they utilized Claire’s role very well. Although I hate the fact they killed Meechum (RIP MEECHUM, patron saint of THE best buddy) at episode 4! Ruthless.


I watched Sherlock because I wanted a show that me and my cousin could watch together. It only took us two days to finish everything and I never expected I would get so invested in the series. I laughed, I cried, I got frustrated with Moriarty, and we fell in love with Mary, too <3. Most of the viewers didn’t like the Victorian episode but I did. I like how it switched to the past then present then past then as one. I saw on Twitter that they’re shooting the new season but 2017 is still so far away for just three episodes 😦 I hope they bring back Irene next season ❤ ❤ ❤

Daredevil Season 2

Let me start with this : I HATE KAREN. Elektra-Daredevil FOREVER.

Now that I’ve let that one out, I can proceed.

The first season of Daredevil is way good that you won’t think they can top that but season 2 came and they freaking delivered. The finale was as expected, amazing. The only thing I hated was when Matt came clean to Karen and told her he was Daredevil. I felt betrayed and yes, I am biased. Daredevil should be with Elektra, period. I know Elektra died but who are we kidding, the Hand will resurrect her and they’ll live happily ever after. The end. 

Romance aside, I think this season paved the way for a bigger Marvel/Netlfix universe. Just take a look at the ending and you’ll see the possibilities : Punisher spin-off, Puggy-Jessica Jones crossover, Nurse Claire-Luke Cage, etc etc.

The Walking Dead

WHAT’S UP WITH THE CLIFFHANGER, AMC. The climax was already building and poof, cliffhanger. What a joke. Also, what did they do with Carol?! What a waste. 

That’s all thank you.


American Crime Story

I liked the previous episodes better than the finale but it was the only episode where I teared up a little. It was the perfect conclusion. I don’t know what’s next for Ryan Murphy’s crime series and I’m looking forward to it actually since American Crime Story is good start. To end, here’s a clip of Ross/Rob saying “juice” for who knows how many


I’ve got a couple of other series to look forward to (Better Call Saul and GAME OF THRONES !!!) which will somehow make-up for the anticipation of new seasons but I’m dreading because when those two end, I will again be faced with the dreaded question, What now?

So maybe you can help me find a new series to watch in between GOT and Better Call Saul. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions 🙂



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