Lent Reflections : Holy Tuesday



John 15


I am on a Daniel Fast this week and it was harder than I expected since I have to take out coffee in my daily routine. I’ve been drinking coffee for as long as I can remember; my guardians did not adhere to the no-coffee-for-kids rule. It’s only Day 2 and I can already feel the effects of caffeine withdrawal–if there is such a thing. This morning, I read John 15 and reflected upon Jesus cutting off branches that doesn’t bear fruit. Jesus’ way of cutting off my unfruitful branches is incomparable, even fasting from coffee cannot come close to the struggle, the pain and even the rewards that one would reap.

I remember the many times Jesus destroyed my branches and prune some. Until now, I can feel Jesus pruning my character. It was rough, ten times (even more) harder than not-drinking coffee BUT I’m glad Jesus is merciful enough to allow me to bear fruit. I used to consider myself a useless branch but Jesus saw something in me. Jesus chose me (John 15:16). My response is to stay close to my  Vine, to cling onto Him, to remain in Him, and to let Him do the work in me.


Thank you, Abba Father, for being our Gardener. I am grateful for the many instances that you pruned my character and cut off the things that brought me harm. Every pruning season was tough but I look back and all I can say is “I’m glad it happened.” Thank you, Jesus, for being my Vine. I look only to You and all I want is to remain in Your love. Thank you for choosing us to be your fruitful branches so that we can also be a blessing to other people who don’t know you yet. Allow me to stay in Your vine till my last breath here on Earth. Amen.



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