Lent Reflections : Holy Monday



John 13


“Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end”. What a great opening statement. Not to beat around the bush, Jesus reminds us that he loves us…to the end. Period. I could even end this devotion right here because this is just it : Jesus love us. 

But of course, I would want to expound and honor His sacrifice through my words.

So listen, I am not a fan of spontaneity. I like knowing where to go, what to do, or at least know beforehand what’s coming. In that way, I can figure out a Plan B if Plan A didn’t push through. It sounds boring but at least for me, it is safe. If I know what’s coming ahead, I could think of possible scenarios in my head and probably alter my actions in advance. Now I am imagining that I am in Jesus’ shoes: I could’ve back out the minute I knew of this plan or I would’ve talk my way through and gather as much as I can to lessen the verdict. But I am not Jesus. I am the reason why He did what He had to do. 

Jesus knew of his impending crucifixion and the agony  but He chose to still follow His Father’s plan. His reason for doing so is astounding : He, again, just simply loves us. He loves us to the end. 


Jesus, thank you for loving me/us to the end. You were about to leave the earth but not without the promise of us being there with You in eternity. Thank for this amazing love that only You can offer. Today I offer you my devotion, my praise and my love. All honor and glory are yours in your mighty name. Amen.




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