The Sunday Currently : Jesus wins.

Prague. March 2015.

You’ve probably seen several (some heated) exchange surfacing online re Pacman and the LGBT community. Much has been said and to be honest, these types of reactions shouldn’t come as a surprise. This happens time and time again (i.e SCOTUS). There’s judgement on both sides, offense, pity, “we are all going to hell” statements, clash of beliefs, and basically a competition of who’s better than other. Again, this shouldn’t be a surprise. This is how the world operates. As a Christian, I stand strong with my beliefs but I would never tolerate the hatred, the judgement, and most importantly, taking the Bible/Word out of context. This is why we need to read the Bible. This is why we need Jesus… and basically, as human, we need to learn how it is to truly love others. No one is above others as well as no sin is greater. In the Bible, lahat yan pantay-pantay.  And guess what? We are all sinners and we all fall short of the glory of God. But good news, Jesus died for all of our sins (past, present, future). Better news : Jesus loves us just as we are. Finally, the best news : In the end, Jesus wins… and Jesus is love. 


2 Samuel along with Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects.


to Hillsong Worship playlist on Spotify for nth time. My playlist are very monotonous, hehe.


on my budget tracker. I wanted to manage my finances well for this year and in preparation for my family’s future plans.


Fish oil supplements. I can see my face clearing up so I guess this works!


American Crime Story, How to Get Away with Murder, The Walking Dead, and Better Call Saul. All my series went back!


for world peace. Legit.


for some news regarding my visa just so I could fix other plans.


NARCOS. I just binge-watched the show last week and staying up late was worth it!


a massage and a good, long sleep.

Looking forward to

the finale of OTWOL and the brunch with the jeje girls.


tired and sore because of the chores I did this morning.


I hope you’ll have a wonderful, love-filled week and let me quote Ellen Degeneres,

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