The Sunday Currently : Jesus wins.

Prague. March 2015.

You’ve probably seen several (some heated) exchange surfacing online re Pacman and the LGBT community. Much has been said and to be honest, these types of reactions shouldn’t come as a surprise. This happens time and time again (i.e SCOTUS). There’s judgement on both sides, offense, pity, “we are all going to hell” statements, clash of beliefs, and basically a competition of who’s better than other. Again, this shouldn’t be a surprise. This is how the world operates. As a Christian, I stand strong with my beliefs but I would never tolerate the hatred, the judgement, and most importantly, taking the Bible/Word out of context. This is why we need to read the Bible. This is why we need Jesus… and basically, as human, we need to learn how it is to truly love others. No one is above others as well as no sin is greater. In the Bible, lahat yan pantay-pantay.  And guess what? We are all sinners and we all fall short of the glory of God. But good news, Jesus died for all of our sins (past, present, future). Better news : Jesus loves us just as we are. Finally, the best news : In the end, Jesus wins… and Jesus is love. 


2 Samuel along with Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects.


to Hillsong Worship playlist on Spotify for nth time. My playlist are very monotonous, hehe.


on my budget tracker. I wanted to manage my finances well for this year and in preparation for my family’s future plans.


Fish oil supplements. I can see my face clearing up so I guess this works!


American Crime Story, How to Get Away with Murder, The Walking Dead, and Better Call Saul. All my series went back!


for world peace. Legit.


for some news regarding my visa just so I could fix other plans.


NARCOS. I just binge-watched the show last week and staying up late was worth it!


a massage and a good, long sleep.

Looking forward to

the finale of OTWOL and the brunch with the jeje girls.


tired and sore because of the chores I did this morning.


I hope you’ll have a wonderful, love-filled week and let me quote Ellen Degeneres,

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Coldplay. Beyonce. Bruno Mars.

I overslept this morning which means that I missed the Superbowl Halftime. I woke up and immediately checked my Twitter timeline & saw beautiful images of Coldplay, Bey and Bruno.

I kind of hated myself for not setting an alarm ’cause I thought I’d be waking up early. Fortunately, the performance was already uploaded and as of this writing, I have already watched it for the third time. I’m listening to the live performance while typing this entry.

So for those who haven’t seen it yet, here you go :

5 top/important reactions

  1. The Yellow opening is awesome.
  2. Bruno Mars slayed
  3. Queen B got no time to mess around
  4. Bruno and Bey sounded good together
  5. THE ENDING BROUGHT ME CLOSE TO TEARS. Up and Up is my favorite song in the album and I’m surprised they sang that one for the finale. And that image “Believe in Love”, eh di kayo na Coldplay!

Say what you gonna say, Coldplay did justice. It didn’t hurt that Beyonce & Bruno are with the band! But…. Coldplay, you are the star. 


The Sunday Currently 9

The Sunday Currently.png
Bridesmaid bouquet at my cousin’s wedding last Sunday.

My longtime friend, Rebecca, recently passed the Board Exam & she’s now a full-pledged architect. Bex has been studying/working for 10 years and we rarely get to see her because she’s either reviewing or working on an architectural plan in a far area. Last night, we got together and celebrated this milestone. It feels so great to see all her hard work paying off & I’m sure that this is just the beginning of a far greater success.

Sobrang kulit lang at ang galing nitong kaibigan ko. I know soon this will be a reality.

Today I woke up in her room and was caught off guard by what I saw in the midst of the architectural chaos.

I even notice these post-its scattered across her bedroom.

She told me she wrote those to remind her of God especially when she’s discouraged. What an inspiration!!! It was such a humbling experience to witness my friend declaring God’s Word and surrounding herself with it. Through my friend, I was gently reminded of the God we are all serving and it fortified the hope I have in my heart. Bonus din because God surprised me and showed that my friend is growing her faith in Christ. I’m so happy God surrounded me with friends who love God. ❤

Now since I got that one important thought out, here are the other things I’m currently into.


the book of Ruth and planning to start Gillian Flynn’s book.


to Hillsong Worship playlist on Spotify.


This and a sample e-mail draft to the Embassy.


Snail facial mask from Korea + the additional meds for my face.


American Crime Story and the OJ Simpson docu on CNN. I can get easily fixated on a random topic and this month is all about OJ!


for my best friend’s application.


for a love-filled week.


this weekend with my friends and the preaching I just heard today. According to the pastor, love is unconditional, sacrificial, and eternal. It is completely impossible for us to achieve this kind of love and only Jesus can love unconditionally, sacrificially, and eternally. Our part is to continue to abide in Jesus, to walk in faith and let Jesus teach us how to love others.


to lose the pounds. This is it.

Looking forward to

Coldplay’s Superbowl performance tomorrow!!!!!!!!! I’m sure they’re gonna kill it


inspired, grateful, and sleepy.

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2 books, 1 week

Listen and you’ll understand

There’s a huge stack of unread books sitting on my shelf and it has been there for a long time now, a year to be exact. I may have lost my interest in reading during the past year; I couldn’t point out the reason why. This week, I had the urge to read and I immediately picked some books on my pile (plus one on my iBook) before my mood leaves me again. I must have missed reading since I finished two books in one week. Great comeback, right?

1 of 2 : The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

I only have an epub version of this book and I regret every single digital page turn. This book is for-the-lack-of-better-word freaking nuts. If not for work and my German class (also sleeping), I would’ve finish this book in a day and a half. I was literally willing my eyes to stay open and awake even if my whole mind says otherwise. For two days, I woke up with a heavy head just because I was up reading it. That’s how good it is.

They were going to turn this a movie (no surprise there) and I checked the cast prior to reading it, which made it easy for me to visualize the whole thing. I think they got the almost-perfect cast. You can check more info here:

2 of 2 : Playlist for the Dead by Michelle Falkoff

So, you are supposed to listen to a track to set the chapter’s mood. Right off the bat, what an interesting material! It got my attention because of this unique “strategy” however, the story isn’t my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, it was good and well-written, even a reminiscent of Perks of Being A Wallflower. BUT I am not actually fond of high school characters in books, YA generally; although there are some exceptions. Nevertheless, it was a good cool-down after reading Girl on the Train.

My personal saving grace has to be music references and I have to give it to the author; she chose the best ones. Coldplay was mentioned too, not in the light I want but s’all good. Ikumpara ba naman sa Radiohead! Pano na, haha.

I look forward to finishing the pile of books I have…. and eventually, buy new ones to stack up. 😉