10 reasons why Leo should win the Oscar for The Revenant

We can all agree that Leo deserves to win an Oscar. I think everyone (when I say everyone I mean the Internet) has been waiting for so long. Cue the memes

I just finished watching The Revenant and if Leo won’t win this time, I don’t know what to believe anymore. Here are my 10 reasons why.

1. A man of few words

He only spoke a few lines, mostly in a different dialect & some in agony. You can really feel the intensity of his actions. Naks kala mo naman critic.


Only Leo can pull this off.

3. Papa Hugh Glass. 

This scene will break even the coldest of stone cold hearts.

4. Crawling… and more crawling.

Leo had a lot of practice pre-The Revenant.

The remaining 6 reasons are all the outrageous things Leo did in this movie. 

5. Eating raw meat. See article here : 

Why the hell are you eating raw meat when you have a fire 4 meters away. Wtf? (The Revenant)

*For reference. I couldn’t find an image of him but this.

Please give him the Oscar already, seriously!

6. Being dragged down in this wood

7. Eventually, being buried alive.

8. Falling down this cliff

9. Swimming in this dangerous stream

10. And finally, the infamous Leo vs the Grizzly bear

Leo has gone to great lengths for this movie, let me tell you. Now give him his well-deserved Oscar so we can all move on.

leonardo dicaprio, oscars


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