The Sunday Currently 7

the sunday currently
Last day of the Simbang Gabi. 12/12/2015. 

This week  is nothing short of wonderful. I know it was only possible through the grace of God and just simply living every day through His perspective. I’m just genuinely happy and contented.


NUMBERS. I plan to diligently read the Bible in order this year.


Hillsong Young and Free playlist on Spotify.


This + cover letter  for a job prospect.


for the promises of God. In short, madami! 🙂


that I will always remain hopeful,


the lunch, the road trip & the dinner I had with my friends yesterday.


to watch Star Wars. Today is the day!


to save money for my plane ticket (still)

Looking forward to

my checkup with the derma. Lately, I’ve been so frustrated with my face! I’ve been having acne breakouts since last year huhu


contented, peaceful, and slightly irritated only because of the acne breakouts.

PS: I’m watching Star Wars today! Finally! 

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