Timehop IRL

Exactly a year ago, I was composing my resignation letter and was preparing for a new season in my life. I had it all planned out : I’d resign, move out of my apartment, pack my luggage, fly to Germany, study then settle in Hamburg.

Fast forward to now, I’m working from home and waiting for my papers to be processed. This isn’t exactly what I had in mind : I’ve got no permanent job, no apartment, I’m settled in my grandmother’s home, I’m not studying, and I’m cities (plus traffic) away from my friends.

Exactly a year ago from today, I was making the most out of my remaining time at the office. Me and my office mates were just in our usual magulo selves; gathered in a corner, eating, laughing continuously, stopping to catch our breath, then back to laughing. I also remember how each one of us are entering into a new season individually. We were anxious of what the future holds but nevertheless, excited.

Fast forward to present time, we all met again. We were the same people even if a couple of things has changed. Every one has their own story to share. I listened but I was simultaneously picturing us back in that old, lunch table at the office. It’s as if a year never happened. It’s as if we never actually separated career paths. It also made me realize that I would never have that kind of relationship elsewhere. It’s bittersweet, actually.

Then, I was this person excited for her future. I was leaving my office family and going to my own. Now, I was back to my office family for a short time and I’m not actually close to being with my own.

Then, I was excited to start again. Now, I’m finding a hard time to start over and kinda wished I was back where I was before.

Now… Then.. Tomorrow. Nothing really matters. Only God can tell me where I’m going to next. What I can only do is to look back, be grateful. and never regret ’cause those things happened just the way God planned it.

It’s actually nice to know that the past has its way of reminding you that time does fly by & the future I am anxious about isn’t really that scary in reality.

A year ago from today, I will look back at this post. So..

Hi, future self. You’re just doing just fine. You are where God is supposed to take you.

Solar Family ❤



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