You’re The Worst

Let me just say right off the bat: GO WATCH THIS SHOW NOW. 

I binge-watched You’re The Worst last holiday vacation & got hooked since then. Honestly, I am nowhere near the characters of this show yet I feel a strong connection with this series.

Just this week, they capped of the second season with a satisfying finale.

Warning : There will be spoilers of course. 

Gretch’s depression is probably the highlight of this second season. The director and the writers masterfully executed this plot.  At first, it threw me off a little when the series went to this direction. The reason mainly because my mind couldn’t handle that many complications into an already-complicated relationship. Ha ha sorry! Plus, I don’t like an emotionless Gretch. 

But of course, that’s just the surface. Aya Cash portrayed her character so well  that sent me through days of googling articles on clinical depression. There’s so much more to this show and I guess in this way, this series served its purpose.

And let’s not forget Jimmy, of course. He became this stoic/messianic figure in Gretch’s life. I actually have this love-hate relationship with him & I was kinda leaning towards the  “hate” part especially when another girl came to the picture. However, the last two episodes immediately sent me to Team Jimmy.

Now, the finale. Man, what a rewarding finale. To finally see Gretch back to her normal self is a relief & drunk Jimmy is hi-la-rious! I especially liked the part when Jimmy compared Gretchen to a Sunday Crossword, “…takes all day but rewarding as hell”

Sweet, right? Now, take this.





And just like that, season 2 is over.





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