The Sunday Currently 5

4th of December. Coldplay’s Facebook live stream to celebrate the release of A Head Full of Dreams. Edited at Canva.

Today is my Lola’s 2nd birthday in Heaven. We all heard a great preaching this morning, went to the memorial park to have breakfast, spent the entire day together, and ended the night watching Popoy & Basha’s A Second Chance. So before I sleep, let me just get into this post.


the Bible, specifically the book of Genesis. I was supposed to read a new book but I couldn’t put the Bible down. I found several interesting facts which I haven’t noticed before. Like what I’ve said to my best friend this afternoon, the Bible is like my teleserye! Not only  do I get to know more about Jesus, I am also acquainted and refreshed by the people God used—all in preparation for Jesus’ coming! Plus, the stories in the Bible are reeeeaaaaaaalllyyyyyy interesting!


Coldplay’s A Head Full of Dreams album. While I’m typing, Everglow is on track.


on my Purple Book journal.


the games for our Christmas eve celebration!


that I continue to seek Jesus this week and the days to come


that there’ll be any kind of news for my visa/remonstration.


this whole Sunday with the family, especially this morning at church.


the physical copy of A Head Full of Dreams. I hope there are already stocks in the record bar at my province.


to lose aaaaallllll the weight. I actually exercised thrice this week however I’ve been eating so much since yesterday. I couldn’t find the motivation to get back to my old, active habits.

Looking forward to

the Christmas dinner with my ex-officemates this coming Thursday. I just hope we can all finally decide on where to eat and meet.


Contented and Sleepy. ZzZz

So, good night wherever you are! I hope ya’ll had a great Sunday too! ❤

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