Through the lens of God

I’ve been in a yo-yo lifestyle with God for the past few months. Some days I am encouraged, inspired, battle-ready… but oftentimes anxious, discouraged and defeated. I honestly want to get out of this lifestyle. I want to set my heart right with God EVERY.SINGLE.DAY

I thought to myself, what do I always do in a time like these? I recalled all the days I felt somber and how I reacted to it. The simple and tested answer: THE WORD OF GOD. 

So I said and declare to myself this morning,

“Lord, I want to know You more and more”

Thus begins the first day of revisiting and changing perspectives. I have to take myself, my prayers, my worries out of the picture and focus on God and Him alone. I have to deliberately set my eyes on Him, know Him for who He really is and not only what He can give me. I have to see  everyday in God’s lens. I actually exercised this habit a couple of times especially when I feel lost and confused. Each time brings new sets of realizations; even instances that make me feel so unworthy to be called His child.

So today, I am giving up any distractions (like a normal fasting) until God tells me to stop. I used to set deadlines (i.e for one week, no meat. for three days, no social media then back to regular programming) but this time around, I will wait for the Lord’s instructions. I will drown myself with the Word of God until my mind cannot welcome any other ideas that does not belong to God. This is also a good opportunity since Christmas is approaching and what better way to welcome this season by truly knowing my Savior Jesus Christ.

I am sure that this is going to be a one, tough battle but again, this ain’t about me, it is about God.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

-Matthew 6:33


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