The Sunday Currently 3

the Sunday currently
Minutes before starting my cousin’s debut program

Another Sunday, another entry.


Chris Martin is spilling the beans on their new album ahead of its 12/04 release. (Read the interview here) I have been pretty active with Coldplay-related tweets, articles, and posts actually. My fangirl meter is off the scale! Just two days ago, Coldplay announced their upcoming world tour in Europe. I immediately saw an opportunity to watch them live because by June/July, they will be having a concert in Germany. I am claiming and declaring it in the name of the Most High and Holy Giver that I will watch them live. Amen! 🙂 


The Sunday Currently


Rise Heart album by Victory Worship


If I should sleep or watch the last episode of The Walking Dead. #dilemma


for clarity,  visa approval, and for a happy Christmas.


that our beach trip this weekend will get cancelled. I’m not really in the mood to travel outside the comforts of my home—especially my bed. 


my sports sando and jogging shorts. This attire will give me no excuse but to exercise after I wake up and a cup of coffee, of course.


the weekly Facetime with my parents. Even though it makes me miss them more, it feels like home.

Winter is there!


to lose all the weight I gained for two weeks. *pig emoji*


the discipline to lessen my social media time. I must get back to reading books, listening to preachings, and to writing sensible blog entries. I must fight the urge to check my twitter/instagram/facebook/buzzfeed timeline every five minutes.


a little annoyed because of a possible sprained right hand. I’m annoyed by the fact that I couldn’t pinpoint the reason why my right hand feels painful. Is it because I sleep on my right hand? Or because I always use it to scroll through my phone or by the scrolling through the mouse when I work? Or because this was just a really tough week—cleaning wise. Hay. What’s wrong with you, right hand?

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