20 Thoughts on the new Coldplay single, Adventure of a Lifetime

For reference : 

The new Coldplay single Adventure of a Lifetime from the seventh album A Head Full of Dreams came out and since I am a big fan of the band, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to fangirl my thoughts.

  1. This is it. This is it. Play.
  2. Oh India
  3. This reminds me of Phoenix
  4. Yup, Phoenix.
  5. I can’t help but dance. In an 80’s way  
  6. “Turn your magic on” You bet I will
  7. I can’t help but dance. 
  8. “I feel my heart beating” Good callback to Mylo Xyloto.
  9. Who isn’t dancing?!  
  10. “You make me feel… alive again!”  Yes boys, you do!
  11. Side step. Head sway. Clap. 
  12. the 80’s are back!
  13. No one can’t stop the Coldplay funk! 
  14. Oh that intermission though.
  15. “Turn your magic on”—this line is growing on me. Also, another callback from Ghost Stories.
  16. That riffs though. Amazing. Coldplay is making new music.
  17. I’m not crying I swear.  
  18. OH YES I’M SINGING! Wohooooo. Wo—hoooo. Wo–hoooooooo. 
  19. BRB. DYING
  20. Thank you Coldplay for making new music 

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