Countdown to #AHeadfullofDreams

There are a lot of people who love Coldplay as much as I do & I won’t claim to be their biggest fan even if I want to. Along with several other fans, I am waiting for their seventh album to drop. Just last week, clues have been sent all around the world, with posters being put up at train stations (or tubes para feeling Londoner) with a tentative date : December 4.


Last year the band hinted that this may be their “final” album (see article here) but I refuse to believe it. Maybe the end of an era, a reinvention, or I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine. Just not a finale finale. 

Since we are only a month shy from the seventh album, I want to share my favorite track for every Coldplay album. I am using the term “favorite” loosely because duh, I am a fan which means I like every song. 

Parachutes : Shiver 

It’s hard to choose from this album because you have Yellow, Sparks, Trouble. My simple reason why I chose this track is that I like singing it in the shower.

Lyrics that will cut you deep : “I’ll always be waiting for you” + “You know how much I need you but you never even see me, do you?”

A Rush of Blood to the Head : Green Eyes

I chose this song because of the Psalm reference : ” (Honey) you are the rock upon which I stand”.  I honestly don’t know why Coldplay loves putting biblical references in their songs (see Us Against the World & Till Kingdom Come)

Second/Third/Fourth in line: The Scientist/Clocks/Daylight/Warning Sign/etc etc. This is harder than I expected. Haha.

X & Y: Swallowed in the Sea

Besides Fix You, Swallowed in the Sea is also written for Gwyneth after her father’s passing. “You belong with me, not swallowed in the sea”--I cannot imagine how Gwyneth must have felt after hearing this line from her then-husband.

PS: I am still hoping for a reconciliation. Enough of the conscious uncoupling!

Bonus track : X & Y has Till Kingdom come!

Viva La Vida or Death and all his Friends : VIVA LA VIDA!

Of course!!!

Future wedding march : Lovers in Japan

Future pre-nuptial song : Life in Technicolor

Mylo Xyloto 

This is the trickiest because Mylo Xyloto is probably the album that I mostly listen to. BUT if I have to choose, it will probably be… Pass? This is super hard.


Okay, Charlie Brown. Only because I patterned my 25th birthday over their music video.


Ghost Stories : O

“Don’t ever let go”

Tbh, I was apprehensive about this album only because the transition from Mylo Xyloto to Ghost Stories is surprising. Day to Night, as they say.

Side story : I went to a  private listening party for Ghost Stories. It was a fun event & I get to personally hear their new album before it came out in the record stores. Check my experience here 

B-Sides : Gravity

I can clearly hear Will’s vocals in this song plus the music video is awesome!

This was a fun post. I want to hear your favorites, too! 🙂

PS: Just one more month!


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